Why Is Sleep Essential to One’s Productivity?

Over the years, it has become so easy for us to deprive ourselves of a good night’s sleep because we need to do so much. Whether we’re too focused on work or enjoying extra-curricular activities, the first thing we do when we lack time is to shave off a couple of hours from our sleep. What’s shaving off an hour anyway? So what if we don’t get the recommended eight hours of sleep? We’re adults. We’re fine with just five hours, right?


Studies found out that sleep is essential to one’s productivity and moods. That’s why you have to invest in a good wooden bed frame from Singapore or other countries. It is important to have the right furniture in your bedroom to get that good night’s sleep experts are recommending. Sleep has three main components: quantity (how many hours of sleep you’re getting), quality (how restful your sleep is), and regularity (the regularity of your sleeping patterns). Having the right bed frame and mattress will improve the quality component of your sleep.

Sleep Deprivation Is a Productivity Killer

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Sleep is essential to being productive at work. While sleeping, your mind and body rest and regenerate. This is important for the functions your brain has to do all day long. Remember that your brain is responsible for sending signals to your body. When your muscles ache in the morning, it’s because your brain is telling your body that it’s in pain.

Have you ever felt during the day that your brain is slower to process things? Instead of being more productive, you find yourself feeling sluggish and slow. That’s because sleep deprivation slows down the electrical impulses fired by brain neurons. You’re not just “feeling” sluggish or slow. Your brain is functioning slowly, too.

Think of being sleep deprived like being intoxicated. It almost has the same effect on your body. When you’re drunk or have a hangover, your bodily functions are slower. You may also choose not to drive because you don’t trust your reflexes. And even if you get yourself to work, you can’t get anything done. That’s the same thing with being sleep deprived. Your mind and body are only functioning at about 50% of their normal capacities.

Being sleep deprived will also cause you to miss school or work. How many times have you called in sick because you cannot bring yourself up from your bed? Your mind is pushing you to get up and go to work, but it’s also sending signals to your body that it should still be resting. Missing out on a workday isn’t only killing your productivity, but it’s also affecting your performance at work. You can be sickly and suffer from physical and mental health illnesses such as depression, anxiety, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.

Get Better Sleep

Sleep better by maintaining a regular sleep schedule and preparing your bedroom for sleep. Make sure that your room is dark, cool, quiet, and free of distractions. Your mind and body can relax. As a result, you’ll get a better quality of sleep. Give yourself enough time to sleep, too. You owe it to your body for tiring it out day in and day out.

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