About Us

Generals Guild is an online magazine that informs readers about anything related to automobiles, tools, handy skills and other crafts. With our team of handymen, we make sure that the articles we publish contain accurate information and sound judgement that you can rely on.

Our goal is to impart our knowledge on those categories so that you will know what to do, whether it’s filing for an auto insurance claim or using the right diamond sawing tool. At Generals Guild, you can be confident that you will learn something new about cars, tools and handy skills.

Meet Our Handymen

Man in Black Crew Neck T-shirt Wearing Yellow Hard Hat While Standing by the Wooden Table

Steven Norton, CEO

When it comes to DIY projects, Steven is the handyman that gets the job done. His passion for DIY projects started in college. He graduated from the John Carpenter University majoring in Carpentry. Today, he is still sharpening his craft by taking online courses about wood technology. Steven has worked for various construction companies that were involved in developing many master-planned communities. He shares his broad knowledge by writing and editing articles in our Woodwork and Tools of The Trade categories.

Photo of Man Wearing Eyeglasses

Brad Koenig, Graphic Designer

Brad is known as the car expert in the Generals Guild team. He has over 15 years of experience with working with world-renowned luxury car brands. Brad started as a car mechanic and worked his way to the top of the corporate ladder by becoming the general manager of his own car care shop. He spends his free time writing about automobiles for Generals Guild. He is also our fact checker when it comes to editing articles about cars.

Man in Black Dress Shirt Sitting at the Table

Gavin Broadchurch, UI/UX Designer

Gavin is an all-around handyman. When something needs to be installed or repaired at home, Gavin is the right handyman for the job. He graduated with highest honours at the John Carpenter University majoring in mechanical engineering. Whether it’s installing an HVAC unit or repairing a home appliance, Gavin knows best. He also has interests in gardening, home interior design and architecture. Gavin has written most of the articles in our Handy Skills category.

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