A List of Backyard Cabin Ideas

Backyard cabins or granny flats are meant to keep loved ones close when they grow older. However, if they’re still up and about, you can build a granny flat for your own use. Building contractors can quickly reconfigure the design after a few years, so you can make use of your backyard cabin however you wish.

A Hobby Room for the Family

A backyard cabin can keep the mess and din of whatever hobbies your family has outside the house. With a little soundproofing and a few instruments, you got yourself a music room. A large table, mood lights, some oddly shaped dice, and a few stranger things — you get to play D&D or some other tabletop RPG. Something a little more active? Play table tennis with friends or maybe a competitive game of billiards or snooker. A hobby room outside the house keeps it neat and peaceful, whatever is happening outside.

A Woodworking Workshop

Get a bit more creative and messy with a workshop. With just a table saw and a few other tools, you’ll be crafting all sorts of furniture that you can use (or not) around the house. Building something with your hands is rewarding and fulfilling, especially once you get good at it.

Airbnbs for Extra Money

If you don’t want to make further remodels down the road, you can earn a bit of money from your backyard cabin by turning it into an Airbnb. Australia gets a lot of tourists, and most of them prefer cozy Airbnbs to expensive hotels. Airbnbs can earn more than $200 a day, averaging at around $3,000 per month. Just make sure you have a good WiFi connection. Make your cabin as comfortable as possible and make the grannies happier when it’s their turn to move in.

A Mancave Outside the House

Revel in your glory days and turn your backyard cabin into your man cave. Bring in a widescreen TV to watch the games with the guys, a small table for a game of poker, and an outdoor barbecue as you and the gang chill with a few bottles of beer. Keeping the gang outside the house will keep the missus happy (no cigar smells or beer stains to worry about) as long as you deal with the clean up all on your own.

A Playroom for the Kids

A playroom/game room away from the house can teach your kids to be a little more independent. They’ll stay closer to the home, so you won’t be wondering where they are. Of course, you’ll still need to provide minimal supervision to make sure things don’t get out of hand. A TV, a console or two, and some games should be enough for your kids to spend a whole day away from the house. Get a VR unit to make your kid and his/her friends move about a little more, even within the confines of playing a video game.

You don’t need to wait for the grannies to build a granny flat. Have one built today and use it however you like. You can always make changes when it’s time for the folks to move in.

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