Making a Tiny Living Space Work: Ideas You Can Incorporate

The tiny house movement may be trendy these days, but while embracing the minimalist lifestyle has a number of advantages, it comes with a few challenges as well. All the planning involved to make sure you maximize every tiny space you own can be challenging and time-consuming. But once you crack the code, you'll certainly reap all the benefits. Even the tiniest, most cramped spaces that are very common in many apartments for sale in Townsville and other places can be the most functional yet equally stylish areas that truly reflect who you are.

If you've been looking for ideas to turn your tiny space into your favorite haven, here are some ideas you can consider:

Love the Lighting

Small modern living room with TV and couch

Consider yourself extremely lucky if you have access to a lot of natural light in your living area. Forgo those dark curtains that will only block out this wonderful gift from nature. When your space has enough brightness to it, it'll look more spacious and calming. But if you don't receive enough sunlight in your room, there are still a few tricks you can try.

Start by choosing lighter shades of colors for your wall paint and overall decors. This is the simplest idea you can use in case you're not ready to install larger windows. In addition, make full use of the flat areas in your space. Get lighting fixtures that hang in the air to create an illusion of a bigger space.

Mount a Mirror or Two

If you don't have large windows and high ceilings, don't fret. There's a simpler and more affordable option you can go for to make your small space appear larger. Add some mirrors on the wall. To fully maximize this trick, be sure to put one on the wall that's adjacent to one of the windows. If you don't have the wall space, then simply place one right behind one of your light sources at home. It could be your bedside lamp, a pendant light, or even a tiny scented candle you have lying on your coffee table. Not only will this help maximize the light's reach; you'll also be able to enjoy a magical glow in your room for that added visual interest.

Choose a Unifying Color

Interior design color palette

For apartments that only have three to four rooms or less, an effective way to make every room look more distinct is by assigning a specific, unified color scheme for each one. Make sure the color is present not only on your walls but also in your decors. But while it should be the main color, it doesn't have to be the only one. When you emphasize one unifying color in a room, you'll be able to blur all the defining lines, making your space look bigger. Choose either soft and soothing tones or warm and rich shades that will work well with your chosen primary color.

While small spaces may limit your choices when it comes to home design, it doesn't mean you can't have that sanctuary you've always dreamed of. Use this guide as inspiration when thinking of a good design option for your home.

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