Three Household Chores Begging to Be Done During Quarantine

This pandemic-imposed quarantine is forcing a lot of people to come face to face with one of their greatest fears: household chores. It’s not only the part about splitting responsibilities with your family that’s daunting. It’s doing the chores you’ve always put off that you’re dreading.

There’s so much more to managing a house than washing the dishes, making the bed, and taking out the garbage. Maintenance work may feel like a necessary evil in your life, but it’s the very thing that is keeping you safe and healthy in the confines of your home.

The Appliances You Avoid

If you’ve been slacking off in maintaining your household appliances, then it’s no surprise that this is the first time you’ve heard of dryer vent cleaning. You may have glimpsed services for it once or twice while driving around but never gave it much thought.

It’s advisable that you do so much more than think of it. You must get that dryer vent cleaned. The dust and lint that accumulates are flammable, and a spark is all they need to start a fire. The same wisdom goes for your refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, oven, and other appliances. Make regular maintenance a commitment.

Check the wires, test for abnormal behavior, and call for professional help for complex cleaning and repairs. Do it not only for the convenience of a well-functioning appliance but for the assurance that they won’t cause accidents that will cost you more than just money.

The Closets You Fill

While self-reflection is becoming a thing during this period of quarantine, why not reflect on the closets and storerooms you fill with unnecessary objects? Decluttering eats up a lot of time and effort, and you have plenty of those to spare right now.

Take a break from Netflix and get ready to part with items you’ve hoarded over the years. This activity is good not only for freeing up living space; it also benefits your health in many ways.

Items stored for a long time gather dust and even serve as hiding space for cockroaches and other pests. Without your mountains of unused things, it’s easier to do away with those unwanted houseguests.

Decluttering also saves you from overwhelmed senses. A stressful day out buying essentials during this pandemic can only get worse when you go home to chaos in your kitchen. It’s not fun while you’re tidying up, but there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy a better-looking interior afterward.

The Drapes You Neglect

White drape

Even remembering the effort of hanging the blinds and drapes makes you want to skip cleaning them. Doing so, however, is a sure way to gather bacteria and allergen that can sully the air inside your house.

If you’ve been wondering what triggers your allergies, then you have the answer. It’s not enough that you vacuum the carpet and sweep the floor. Dust suspends in the air and settles on your blinds and drapes, which then releases the dust again when they’re moved. It’s a cycle that won’t break until you wipe off those blinds and wash those drapes on a regular basis.

Does it sound like too much hard work? Consider switching to other blinds and curtains with materials that repel dust. There’s a variety on the market made especially for a sensitive nose like yours. Redecorations are overdue anyway, so go ahead and give your entire house a makeover while you’re at it.

Re-evaluate the choices you make for your home and consider how they affect your health. While there’s not much you can do to solve everybody’s health woes, you can help by not adding to the numbers. Gear up for those household chores now, and you’ll thank yourself later.

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