DIY Furniture for Sale: What Can You Do with Discarded Wood?

You’ve had a lot of time these past weeks, so you decided to go into your shed to tidy up a bit and make yourself useful. You noticed the scraps of wood you stored away from last summer’s renovation. You were considering selling them to a junk shop, but you suddenly had an idea.

Why not turn these discarded wood pieces into something useful for your home? Or why not sell those wooden projects online for added income? You can load them into your car or a rental vehicle easily for delivery to customers. With this, here are some wood project ideas you can try.

Entrance Organizer

Implementing intuitive health and hygiene practices at home is essential. That means putting up some sort of counter by your entry door, where you can place bottles of disinfectant alcohol or hand sanitizer and disposable face masks and gloves. You can easily pick up the masks and gloves on your way out and disinfect with alcohol on your way in.

A wooden entrance organizer will be a good piece of furniture by the doorway. Apart from multilevel panels, you can make it more useful by adding hooks or nails for coats, caps, sunglasses, and keys.

Multipurpose Stool

contemporary kitchen with island and bar stools

If you have leftover plywood or wooden planks, you can fashion a small stool that you can use as a portable chair, toolbox, or box to stand on to reach high shelves. Using a ¾-inch plywood or plank, 1-5/8-inch screws, a jigsaw power tool, a cordless drill, an orbital sander, framing square, countersink drill bit, and circular saw, you can form this stool-cum-toolbox-cum-stepladder-cum-bench in only two hours.

Wooden Tealight Holder

Do you have excess firewood from last winter? Here’s a cool recycling project for you: a tealight holder carved out of a log. Just pick out a nice one from the pile, something well-shaped and not rotten. Choose a piece of wood that’s thick enough to make a deep holder for the candle. Cut and shape it with a chainsaw, hatchet, plane, sander, or any other shaping tool you have. Make sure the cut is straight and clean. Sand and fix uneven edges before drilling or gouging your holes.

Decide how many tea lights you will put (preferably an odd number) and measure the middle hole first. Then measure the rest, making sure their distances are equal. Use a Forstner bit.

Wall Planter

A wall planter is another nifty home décor you can do from used wood. Have as many planks as the number of levels you want for your planter. Cut them into your desired length and thickness. Make sure they’re smooth and clean before you stain the wood. Staining prevents wood rotting and protects the material from the elements. Staining also preserves its beauty and makes it last longer.

Form your wood boxes by screwing the planks together in a U. The bottom plank must be inside the front and back planks to be sturdy for the plant pots. Sand the surfaces once you’ve assembled them, then stain the wood. Drill holes on the back planks through which you will attach the boxes to the wall. Add items to your plants to make your planter look interesting.

If you’re thinking of turning these DIY projects into a business, you can start with these four; create handy versions of them. A DIY furniture shop will be an excellent way to get rid of your home junk, save the environment, and earn money.

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