Patio Care: Making It Ready for a Dinner Party

A patio is a beautiful and functional feature in every home, but let’s admit it — we don’t use it often. The only time it gets a lot of attention is when we’re hosting outdoor parties, which we may not usually do as well.

For that reason, the furniture placed there could be degrading without our notice. Sunlight, moisture, and wind slowly damage the furniture and discolor the wood and fabric. Now, you don’t want to realize how battered your patio is a few days shy of your alfresco dinner party!

Hence, even before planning any gathering to happen in that space, ensure that it is well-protected from the elements. You can do that by investing in high-quality patio sun and windscreens, which are available in various appealing colors to enhance the aesthetics of your patio.

Once that’s done, you may begin sprucing up your furniture and setting it up for your dinner party.

Furniture Maintenance

If your furniture pieces are dusty, dust them off first with any dry material, then wash them with detergent diluted in water. Use a sponge or a soft bristle brush to apply the solution. Rinse it off afterward, and let the furniture air dry.

For canvas cushion coverings, simply remove them and toss them in the washer. If they’re not removable, you can wash them with soap and water, using a soft bristle brush to scrub the dirt away. The same cleaning method also works for stained awnings.

If the furniture isn’t as dirty, a round of vacuuming and wiping will be enough to clean them. Spot-clean stubborn grime with a brush dipped in the same water-and-detergent solution, then rinse with a wet cloth.

If you have wicker furniture that’s splitting, a quick fix for that is misting. Use your garden hose to mist these pieces, then let them air-dry in a shady spot.

For mildew issues, eliminate them by thoroughly scrubbing them off with a brush dipped in equal amounts of water and mild detergent. Preserve your wooden furniture’s freshness by oiling them, but obtain instructions from their manufacturer first.

Old metal patio sets may have developed rusts, but thankfully, they’re easily removable. Simply scrub the rusted surface with sandpaper, then apply a fresh coat of paint on it to restore its shine.

Party Ideas and Decor Suggestions

luxurious patio

Now that your patio is all set for accepting guests, spruce it a bit more by enhancing its coziness and adding decor. Lay cushions on hard seats, and use mismatching dishware to amp up the casual and playful feel. Fill the menu with classic alfresco favorites, such as salads, cold drinks, and barbecue.

If the evening will be windy, skip the tablecloth, and pull your trusty windscreens down to keep the breeze from making a mess. Provide dramatic lighting as well; even if your patio is closed off in a screen, mood lighting will make it look more open, warm, and cozy. Simple string lights can do the trick!

For large patios, accessibility to the buffet may not be as easy, especially with more seats and people in the way, so have a bar cart that you can use to serve food and drinks to numerous guests at once.

Put simple but beautiful centerpieces on the tables, such as fresh peonies, gardenias, or any other summer bloom of your choice. Even herbs will work amazingly! A florist isn’t required — just cut a stem off a flower, then soak it in a bowl full of water.

Make the rest of the night fun by playing music and games and sharing stories. As long as you enjoy the party, all your prep work will pay off, regardless of whether you decorate your patio splendidly or not.

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