Keeping Your Car in Good Shape while in the Garage

Sometimes, we end up having to put our car in storage for extended periods. Either we just don’t have much use for the vehicle, or perhaps there is a long business trip or vacation that will render it unused for a while. If you have a garage, you can protect your vehicle from many elements, but it’s still important to keep things in tip-top shape so that the car doesn’t break down over time. Here are some things you should do to make sure that your vehicle is safe and still functional in the garage.

Make sure the garage is well-ventilated.

Ventilation is essential in making sure that humidity and harmful gases or substances don’t build up in your garage. It’s a compact space with emissions coming from your car itself, so you want to make sure that there is good airflow and that things don’t accumulate. Aside from aerating the place, make sure you have duct cleaning so that there isn’t any blockage restricting air from seeping in and that the air that also circulates into your home doesn’t carry carbon monoxide.

Besides safety issues, this build-up of humidity can seep into your vehicle as well and make it a danger to ride in. High humidity can also cause mold and allergens to build and latch on to your car’s interiors.

Clean it as you would if you actively used it.

Before storing, you should give your car a thorough wash to make sure that you’ve gotten rid of droppings, mud, and other debris that can soil and damage the finish and wheels of your car if left to sit for a long time. Even if you end up leaving the car in the garage for a long time and don’t bring it out, you’ll still need to give it a good wash now and then so that it doesn’t get a coating of dust that can clog its filters and make it harder to clean off when there’s too much.

full tank

Keep the gas tank filled.

That is especially important if you think your car will be left sitting there for over a month. If your tank isn’t full, the empty part can condensate and cause damaging blockages. Plus, your seals can dry out, and your tank itself may be more susceptible to rusting.

Clear out the interiors.

Don’t forget to clear out any trash left inside or anything that could rot or degrade. You don’t want to come back to a roach-infested car with moldy food and melted candies. Throw out anything that needs to be thrown and remove any items that can degrade in the heat.

Maintain those tires.

If you don’t make sure that your tires have enough air and aren’t rooted in place, you are at risk of having a permanently flat-spotted tire. Permanent flat-spotting renders it essentially unusable for safe and comfortable driving. If you think your car will be stored for more than 30 days, it would be best to remove the tires and keep your vehicle propped on jacks.

With these suggestions, you should be able to smoothly get your car back in driving order with little concern even after a long period of garage storage.

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