Handicrafts That Are Easy to Make and Easier to Sell

Making handicrafts used to be considered as merely a hobby. It’s a wonderful pastime that’s relaxing, fulfilling, and therapeutic. In fact, crafting is one of the ways that we practice mindfulness, a state of body and mind where we are at peace while also practicing focus and intricacy towards what we are doing. It’s an activity that can foster skill-building while, at the same time, helping us relieve stress — no wonder so many people are into it!

The art of making handicrafts has evolved from a mere hobby to something you can make money from. A lot of people sell their hand-made crafts for a price and receive a lot of profit. It’s a very unique business idea that has stormed several industries globally. Talk about turning your hobby and passion into a business! If you want to put your crafting skills to good use, here are some of the most profitable handicrafts you can make.

Framed artwork

If you’ve tried shopping for art pieces to add to your home, then you know how expensive they can get especially if made by a renowned artist. But people buy them anyway because hanging artwork around the house or office can really brighten up a room. Since professionally-made framed artwork is costly, those who don’t want to shell out too much cash for their bedroom, living room, or bathroom remodel are constantly on the lookout for cheaper options. With that said, framed artwork is great crafts to make money out of. There are different kinds you can try out, such as mosaics, string wall art, carved woodwork, etc.

Beaded bracelets

Jewelry will forever be a trend. People love adding different things to their outfits and wearing funky accessories. Often, jewelry is expensive and too classy for day to day wear. So there’s a lot of opportunity in making inexpensive jewelry that consumers of all ages will be interested in. Plus, they’re really easy to make with just a few materials. You can even explore a bunch of different styles, colors, shapes, and designs.

Man watering plant in an indoor garden

Plant pots

Having indoor plants is quite a trend nowadays, thanks to their health benefits such as improving the quality of air, keeping the room cool, and getting rid of toxins — not to mention that they really breathe life into a room. A lot of people are now growing their own plants at home. And of course, they need pots for that. Consider getting into pottery and creating plant pots of different shapes, sizes, and designs. It’s also a great opportunity for you to unleash your creativity!

Clay key chains

People love personalized items and will surely buy everyday products where they can engrave their initials, names, or other meaningful symbols. If you do decide to sell clay key chains, make it a point to offer personalized designs.


How about creating and selling a handicraft that appeals to a wide range of people? Bookmarks are needed and used by consumers of all ages — book readers, students, and even working professionals. Instead of going with the conventional paper bookmark, come up with something unique. Play with different materials such as wood, cloth, or even thin textiles.

If you’ve always been a fan of arts and crafts, you should definitely consider turning your passion into a business. Handicrafts make for a very unique and personalized business idea. If you’re up for it, try these simple crafts to get you started.

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