Building Stuff with the Versatile Rattan

A lot of people like to decorate their houses with interesting stuff. That said, they also have their own preferences when it comes to materials being used. Some of the more versatile ones turn out to be the sturdiest. For example, you have different kinds of metal that are used for doorknobs and handles around the house which serves as shiny accents. You also have earthenware like clay pots that are scattered around the yard or garden. This is also material for the tiles that can be used in roof repair. Meanwhile, wood can be something that is both affordable and beautiful, which makes it show up on a lot of furniture in the house.

One material that people confuse for wood is rattan. It is actually a liana or a type of wood vine, and various things can be created out of it. If you like to challenge yourself by building stuff, here are some you can try out together with their difficulty level.

The Cakewalk

Here are some rattan projects that are so easy even a kid could do them. You only need basic tools here, like scissors and glue.

You can actually extract wicker from rattan, which is a material that can be woven into patterns. They are fairly stiff and easy to handle. You can hold it in place as you start to establish a form. Start with a basic pattern where strands cross over each other. Once you have a few rows in, that should keep them together and make you weave faster. If you have created something that is sizable enough, you can cut off all excess threads. From here you can choose to glue it over a wooden board and make a stylish tray, or you can cut into smaller pieces and make coasters out of them. Hide the edges by covering them with lace.

The Sprint

rattan furniture

You already know how to effectively weave rattan wicker. Now, you can move to something more challenging. Making a basket requires more effort, so this would be the next project that would make the most sense. This requires you to form something with more body, unlike the flat creations from the cakewalk.

You start off by creating a base for the basket. Then you make your way to manipulating your excess material to form the body. This will require some dexterity from you, as you need to continue weaving while shaping the wicker into a bowl-like shape. Once you have achieved that, you have to do a lot more threading. Complete the project by forming the handle.

The stiffer materials and more complex shape should give you a harder time. But the end product is worth it.

The Marathon

The marathon rattan project takes a long time to complete and is considerably more difficult than the previous two. You are now stepping into the furniture-making territory.

You can make a rattan chair by using a combination of its vine wood and wicker. The former is used to form the frame, while the latter is used as the cushion. You can make a chair with a lot of curves, and you can do that by heating up the rattan wood and slowly bending it to your desired shape. Once you are done with the frame, drill holes to where you will weave the base of the seat. This is where people’s butts will go, so make sure you get them threaded as tight as you can to provide ample support.

This is a more time-consuming challenge, but you are left with something bigger and functional.

There is a lot that you can make out of rattan if you are willing to put the time and effort into doing it. The end products are beautiful nonetheless. If you are having a hard time thinking of a gift to give a friend, try to weave something for them. They will surely appreciate it.

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