Designing Kitchens: 5 Crucial Details You Don’t Want to Miss

Whether one is moving into their newly bought house or renovating their old one. Everyone wants to add a bit of flair to their home decor, ensuring the whole design’s functionality at the same time.

A vital part of your home decor is having your kitchen furnished uniquely. A kitchen is the heart and soul of any house, both position and importance wise. Therefore, we need to spend extra time mapping our kitchen designs.

Devising a beautiful kitchen interior and making it remarkably practical isn’t that challenging as people think. All you need to do is keep some vital details in mind.

Creating Unique Kitchen Designs

While planning our kitchen design, we need to make sure that it should be eclectic. It should complement the overall interior design as a whole. But this can be a tough ask as we don’t only need to make it pretty. As we have a lot of work to do in our kitchens, the furnishings needs to be ideally operational.

The task requires some planning, but we assure you that it’ll be worth all that extra effort. However, no one likes doing that additional work. Hence, have a look at these five pointers, follow them, save your time, and make the most out of it.

5 Important Tips

Here are some points to ensure while creating or redesigning your kitchen:

Make a Theme-Centered Layout

Nothing looks more spectacular than an interior design that revolves around a single idea. It is incredibly pleasing to the eye when everything falls into place, and every room’s plan is in perfect harmony.

Conceive a particular theme and stick to it. Less is more if you do it correctly. There are no limitations when it comes to planning a general theme. However, there are some themes best-suited kitchen designs, like a nature-inspired theme with trees and flowers.

Keep it Spacious

Nobody likes to work in a congested workspace, especially if one needs to cook. Hence, keeping adequate space in your kitchen is perhaps the most requisite part of the design.

You want to avoid putting functional appliances like an oven in corners. We often see that most people place their oven right next to their kitchen door in a corner and hence have trouble opening the lid without closing the kitchen door first. Therefore, to avoid such inconvenience, keep the corners clear, and make your pantry spacious.

Focus on Benchtop Detailing

The benchtop is undoubtedly the MVP of any kitchen. Therefore, it deserves special attention. In 2021, laminate benchtops are a formidable option to add value to your kitchen design. They add a premium feel to your interior while being practical at the same time.

You also need to make sure that you opt for the best companies’ variants as any investment must be long-lasting apart from being pretty and attractive. We can make a benchtop more appealing by using some techy additions.

Automatic faucets, metallic bezels, and modern silverware sinks are some decent options.

family in the kitchen

Have Adequate Lighting

A kitchen with a dull environment can never be right. For cooking proper food, sufficient light is essential. Moreover, having multiple lights also makes the location brighter, crisp, and appealing. All this adds to the overall layout and functionality of the interior.

Light also plays a central role in the ambiance of your kitchen design. A well-lit environment is gratifying to the eye, and guests are naturally pulled towards a sharp-looking scene.

Strategize The Exhausts’ Position

Cooking in the kitchen is always accompanied by smoke and all sorts of aromas. Some might be pleasing, but you want the majority of the smoke to move out of the exhaust. Hence, the exhaust fan needs to be installed with great caution, in appropriate locations.

Besides, you also need to keep the power outlets far away from stovetops and exhausts because the last thing we want is a kitchen fire. Furthermore, exhausts don’t need to look forced. You can use high-end products that look good, or you can see other ideas and play around with what you already have.

Bottom Line

Finally, if you keep all these pointers in mind, you will get through the struggle of designing a classic kitchen with ease. Tips will help you, but you also need to use some of that common sense.

For instance, you need to consider the movements you’ll be making, like the distance between the dish stand and the washing space needs to be short as you don’t want to be moving a lot. Considering all these minor details makes a significant difference in the functionality of your design.

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