Health Concerns during the Pandemic: Important Things for You to Consider

When the pandemic started, everything ground to a halt. That also meant that construction services and home improvements were stopped. For those that need to have their roof insulation checked, this meant they had to wait until at least partial service was allowed — that meant now.

Consider that you might not need any renovation, but your sick relative (or perhaps, you) need in-home health services. While the people working in this industry are considered medical front liners, they could be unwitting carriers of the virus. Caring for a sick patient and being a person under investigation is a recipe for disaster.

Working with the sick and infirm can be stressful during the pandemic. You’ll need health aides, but you also must certify whether they’re fit to care for the elderly. Browse through some of these ideas to ease your concerns about letting other people into your home currently.

Contact Agencies with Well-laid COVID-19 Plans

It is a known fact that most health aides work with agencies to address their clients’ needs. The policies that these agencies implement makes the difference. It’s safe to say that most agencies already work with COVID-19 protocols in place, with a few still in the process of ironing out their own rules.

If your aides aren’t prepared just yet, you have to go out of your way to provide protective equipment (PPE) for them. Masks and gloves are also mandatory, not voluntary. This is especially needed if your aides are not the kind that stays with you or they have other households that they are taking care of.

Let the Aides Know about your Concerns

Having health concerns during this time is a legit concern. You need to deal with a reputable clinic or hospital that will address those concerns. Ask important questions like are those aides constantly following safety protocols or if they will follow the rules on COVID-19 procedures without question.

Check on your health aide, but don’t check too frequently. You’ll notice if they are following the safety protocols. In case they aren’t, you can remind them, but remember to do so gently. Treat them as if they’re part of the family, and they will return the favor by protecting you just like family.

Hiring Different People to Work in your Home

With the pandemic and your relative’s health situation, you’re already trying to cover all bases as it is. You’ll want to get some help. You won’t want to hire that many people, only the ones you really need. If you need chefs and housekeepers, hire those. Having trouble with your children’s homeschooling? You can hire tutors if you want.

You can hire all the people you want; it is important to observe safety rules. If they cannot stay away from you and keep to it, you need to remind them of the safety protocols.

sanitizing hands

Constant Health Checks are Needed

Just as your health is checked every time you go into a store or a restaurant, you need to perform a health check on everyone coming to your home. It’s not rude, but it’s part of the government’s rules as well as a safety check on the health of the people visiting your home.

If one of your aides feels unwell on the nth visit, you shouldn’t allow them to go to your home. Only after medical professionals have cleared them can they resume visiting your home. Remember, it’s better to be on the safe side rather than sorry.

Allow as Little Contact as Possible

When the service provider is at your home, you should do your part in staying safe. If you can, transfer to another room or open the windows and doors. That way, the virus won’t stay in your home; you’ll also lessen the risk of getting any airborne virus if you have free-flowing air in your home.

You can also get implements to keep the air in your home pure. An air purifier can be used, or an air filter on the intake side of a box fan. Whichever method you think of, you should direct it towards keeping the air in your home pure.

There are many ways to stay safe from coronavirus, but the best way remains to keep your home free of people who feel sick. Remember to keep your distance from them if they are. Always keep yourself healthy, be vigilant with the safety protocols, and you’ll enjoy a relatively safe home environment.

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