Keeping Your Mind Active: Engage in DIY Crafts and Home Decor

If you’ve been home-bound for a couple of months now, you may have already tried all the activities professionals recommended keeping your anxiety at bay. But after almost six months of being in quarantine, you might need a new hobby again to feel excited and motivated.

Trying your hands at crafting can be an excellent way to de-stress and have fun at home. According to clinical neuropsychologist Katie Carey Levisay, crafting is helpful as it requires focused attention and compels us to be immersed entirely at the moment. As such, it’ll keep you from your feeds, and engage you in an enriching activity, instead.

That said, here are some easy DIY crafts for you to try, which you can use as new home decor pieces:

1. Change Your Doorknobs

Doorknobs are probably one of the most overlooked items in a home. In typical cases, you only notice them when they get damaged. But your trusty doorknobs deliver more impact than you think.

For example, if you have a contemporary-style abode with sleek hardware, clean-lined furniture, and high-tech features, an outdated doorknob can instantly ruin the aesthetic. Hence, instead of using the cheapest and most basic doorknob in the market, swap them for contemporary and appealing types. Just use a screwdriver to remove the old ones and install the new ones, and see the difference they’ll make.

2. Make New Curtains

If your current window treatments feel a little boring already, you don’t need to spend on new ones immediately. If you have some spare fabrics that’ll look good as curtains, test your sewing skills. Or, make a no-sew curtain if you’re a total novice with the sewing machine. You only need some tapes to secure the hem on the rod, and you’re good!

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3. Decorate with String Lights

Who says string lights should be kept in storage when it isn’t Christmas? Since the -ber months are coming anyway, take them out now and let their versatility shine. There are even amazing smart Christmas lights available now, and you may be thrilled to try them out as you illuminate your dwelling dramatically.

There are multiple uses for your good old Christmas lights. If your vanity is lacking accent lighting, you can hang them around your mirror. They can also adorn your indoor plants, drapes, and walls. And of course, you can make lots of crafts using them, such as copper-lighted wreaths, snow globes, tomato cage Christmas trees, Dixie cup light garland, and more.

4. Transform Your Boring Countertop into Luxurious Marble Slabs

No, you don’t need to tear them down and buy actual marble slabs. Instead, you’ll be making a faux-painted marble countertop. You can purchase countertop paint kits from your local crafts store, so that’ll be your only major expense, besides the painting materials.

Prep your surface first by sanding it, then apply thin coats of primer, letting it completely dry afterward. Practice veining your exterior on a foam board first, then proceed to do it to your countertop when you’re ready. Make the veins look more authentic by running a dry bristle brush over them, and sand the surface again before applying your topcoat. After everything dries, you already have a genuine-looking marble countertop!

5. Build New Storage

Being in quarantine is the perfect chance to de-clutter, and while doing it, you certainly felt surprised at the amount of stuff you have. Therefore, if you’re unwilling to part ways with them, keep them in new storage entirely crafted by you. Depending on the items you’ll store, you can make open shelves, hanging racks, pegboards, baskets, and more.

These creative crafts at home will improve your abode’s charm and functionality, so try your hands at them now and relish your simple accomplishments.

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