When Boredom Strikes: 10 Things You Can Do with Some 2 x 4s

So you’re stuck at home with nothing better to do? Why don’t you try your hand at building something? With a little creativity and some 2 x 4s, you won’t feel the need to go tennis court surfacing or swimming pool retiling just because you’re bored.

10 Cool Things You Can Make Out of 2 x 4s When You’re Bored

1. Coffee Table

A coffee table may seem like a slightly complex project especially if you consider aesthetic appeal but some creative designs aren’t difficult to make at all, just like this coffee table from A Beautiful Mess.

2. Sawhorse

A good beginner project to experiment on — and a really practical one for the aspiring woodworker — is a sawhorse. You don’t need to get fancy with this one. You just need to make sure it’s strong enough to work on.

3. Modern Bench

Benches are usually one of the easiest DIY projects you can do with a few 2 x 4s. All you need to do is cut the pieces down to the right sizes and put them together with clamps and glue and you have for yourself a wooden bench.

4. Giant Jenga

Jenga is a fun game that any person will surely enjoy. Why don’t you try to make giant Jenga blocks for big-time fun and laughter this summer? You can even let your kids give you a hand with this project.

5. Fire Pit Bench

Perfect for summertime, fire pit benches are a great addition to any campfire or summer barbecue. While some benches may also need a few 2 x 6s, just like this creation from Ana White, you can opt to use purely 2 x 4s for this project.

6. Bar Stools

Another easy DIY project with 2 x 4s is bar stools. Just like a wooden bench, you just need to cut them down to the right sizes and put them together with glue and clamps. The best thing about this project is you get to choose how high it is unlike store-bought stools.

7. Garage Storage

One of the most disorganized spaces in any home is the garage. Well, an easy organizational fix is making garage shelves that can fit all of your clutter and keep them all in one area. This gives your garage a cleaner and more pleasant look.

8. Wall Shelves

man doing construction in his house

Whoever said there’s more than enough storage? No one. Extra storage and display space are always a welcome addition to any space. A few 2 x 4s will get the job done for you. You can easily pattern these wall-mounted shelves after your garage shelves.

9. Plant Wall

Plants have the uncanny ability to add life to any space. Whether you intend it for indoor or outdoor use, a plant wall made from 2 x 4s is an easy project that won’t take you more than an hour to make.

10. Floral Centerpiece

If you think that all DIY projects with 2 x 4s are big, you’ve got another think coming. A floral table centerpiece is a small and easy project you can take on with some of your leftover wood from the other projects mentioned above.

The great thing about these DIY projects is that 2 x 4s are easily accessible because they’re available everywhere. If you have a planer and jointer in your workshop, it would be best if you run your wood by them because most of the wood bought from a lumberyard is twisted and warped most of the time.

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