What Homebuyers Look For in a Bedroom – For Real Estate Investors and Homeowners

  • Homebuyers need a bedroom that is spacious and has a practical layout.
  • Furniture should be chosen to match the style of the room, while ample storage options should also be included.
  • Privacy is essential, as well as creating distinct areas in the bedroom with appropriate furniture pieces and soft lighting.
  • Decorate with neutral colors and a few pops of color to create interest as well as incorporate natural elements.

Bedrooms are one of the most essential rooms in a house. It’s where people spend a third of their lives sleeping, resting, and relaxing after a hard day’s work. So, it’s no surprise that homebuyers pay extra attention to them.

As a real estate investor or seller, you need to know what homebuyers look for in a bedroom. This knowledge can help you make informed decisions when renovating or selling a property. This blog will discuss the top things homebuyers look for in a bedroom.

Size and Layout.

Homebuyers want a bedroom that is spacious and has a logical layout. Ideally, a bedroom should be large enough to accommodate a queen or king-size bed, nightstands, and dressers without feeling cramped. In addition, the bedroom should have a practical layout that makes it easy to move around and access different parts of the room. To optimize the bedroom’s layout, here are four things you need to do:

Create distinct areas.

Creating distinct areas for sleeping, dressing, sitting, and studying can make the bedroom more organized. For example, you should have a corner for the bed and another for a chair or desk. This helps to create an appealing flow in the bedroom that will be attractive to homebuyers.

Choose the right furniture.

Furniture plays an essential role in making a bedroom look spacious and inviting. Choose pieces that are not too large and bulky to leave enough space for movement. It’s also essential to pick furniture that matches the room’s style.


Lighting can make a huge difference in how a bedroom looks and feels. Installing windows, skylights, or other forms of natural light can brighten up the room and create a pleasant atmosphere. You could also add wall sconces, ceiling lights, and floor lamps to create a pleasant ambiance.

Leave extra space for recreational activities.

Homebuyers would also appreciate a bedroom that has enough space to accommodate recreational activities. This could be anything from yoga to playing an instrument. This extra space can make the house seem more spacious and inviting to potential buyers.

By ensuring your bedroom is big enough and has a well-optimized layout, you can create an environment that is attractive to homebuyers.



Storage is king in any bedroom. Homebuyers want ample space to store their clothing, shoes, and personal items. Make sure your bedrooms have closets or built-in storage options. Also, consider adding additional storage options, such as a chest of drawers or a shelving unit. You can even opt for custom flat pack options for a personalized wardrobe.

Custom flat packs are pre-made furniture pieces that come in a flat package. They provide an easy and convenient way for homebuyers to assemble their own furniture, often without having to use any tools. Custom flat packs are an excellent option for those who have limited time or resources and want to create a unique look in their bedroom. The more storage in a bedroom, the better.


Homebuyers want privacy, especially in bedrooms. Make sure your bedrooms have window coverings that block out light and offer privacy. Also, if possible, ensure the bedroom is set away from high-traffic areas of the house, such as the living room or kitchen. You should also make sure the bedroom door is properly sealed for soundproofing.



Finally, homebuyers want an aesthetically pleasing bedroom. The bedroom should be decorated in a neutral color palette with a few pops of color to create interest. Use soft lighting, cozy bedding, and decorative pillows to make the space look welcoming and comfortable. You could also incorporate natural elements, such as plants and wood accents, to add warmth and texture.

From size and layout to storage and privacy, homebuyers have a lot of expectations when it comes to bedrooms. As a real estate investor or seller, understanding what buyers look for can help you make informed decisions when renovating or selling a property.

Creating distinct areas in the bedroom with appropriate furniture pieces, optimizing lighting choices, leaving extra space for recreational activities, and adding ample storage options with custom flat packs that offer aesthetic appeal will allow potential buyers to envision themselves living comfortably in their new home. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to create an inviting environment that will attract more prospective buyers.

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