Types of Solid Patio Covers

Outdoor spaces are the leading choices nowadays for entertainment and relaxation. They allow you to benefit from the fresh air and enjoy the environment on your property. They also give you bountiful space for accommodating a vast number of guests. There have been various inclusions in outdoor areas to boost their efficiency and comfort. One of these is covering them to protect them from the harsh elements.

You can consider insulated roofing systems. These are durable panels designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and give you all-year-round comfort on your patio. They also offer a degree of sound insulation in addition to the heat insulation. Other than these, you can also opt for solid roofing. It has an option of adding insulating material to boost its heat retention further. Here are your solid patio cover options:

Wooden Covers

These are elegant and simple patio cover options renowned for their varied natural patterns and colours. Wooden covers are the ideal choice for those whose primary buildings feature various wood construction since they will match these. Wood should nonetheless be treated using water-resistant finishes to make it moisture-resistant and avert its rotting. Moreover, you should invest in regular repainting and sanding to keep a wooden patio cover looking exceptional.

Vinyl Covers

vinyl patio cover

If you are looking for a cover material with minimal maintenance needs, vinyl is your ideal material option. High-quality vinyl does not crack, rot, or warp like wood. It allows a broad range of customisation works. Furthermore, it is inexpensive and quick to install. Unfortunately, vinyl patio covers have a lacklustre look and will make your space look cheap and tacky unless they have high-end designs.

Aluminium Covers

These are sturdy and lightweight covers ideal for places with extreme weather patterns. Though costly, the durability and warp, rot, and crack-resistance of these covers make them worth the cost. Aluminium is also a low-maintenance material that will offer you exceptional outdoor protection without compromising your comfort. Unfortunately, it retains heat, and it might be a bit uncomfortable in summer on your patio. Most people opt for the installation of fans to combat this drawback. Some will opt for aluminium panels that have been embossed to resemble wood. They do not retain heat as much as plain aluminium panels.

Fabric Covers

These are the most common options for patio covers. Fabric covers are more often than not designed to match an existing structure. Polyvinyl chloride, coated polyester, and polytetrafluoroethylene are the standard material options for fabric patio covers. These give you optimal protection from the sun’s rays and rain. You can install them in various configurations to match your space. They are generally portable and inexpensive. They are, however, not as durable as your other cover alternatives.

Some people opt for open patios to maximise the benefits of their outdoor living space. You will, however, need the covers mentioned above even if your choice is to protect you when climate changes. These solid cover options can be installed in different designs to maximise your privacy while still allowing you to enjoy the maximum benefits of the outdoors.

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