Exploring Big Possibilities for Your Small Backyard

Backyards are a valuable part of a home. They hold endless possibilities for function and relaxation. A homeowner can convert this space to anything that is of interest to them. Tackling a backyard project can be with a professional, a DIY endeavor, or a combination of both.

An issue that some homeowners have is the small size of their backyard. Some think that the square footage of their outdoor space could affect its function. The truth is far from this speculation. You only need to focus on what you want. Tons of careful planning and creative execution would help you deliver. There is a small backyard idea that would click with you. Here are some inspirations.

A Versatile Pergola

Having a pergola in your backyard can provide you with lots of fun times in it. You can put a bench with storage space underneath. Have a stash according to what you need while you are in this dedicated space. Your pergola could be a place where you do your hobby undisturbed. It could also be a space for playtime with kids. If you want your pergola for entertaining friends, you can put a small dining table, instead.

Whatever purpose you have for this structure, consider installing a residential awning. This added feature will protect you from the sun’s heat or sudden rain showers. You may opt for a retractable one so you get to decide how much of nature you want to interact with. Adding curtains to your pergola will also add an aesthetic appeal and privacy.

A Cozy Hammock

Hammocks are the classic way to spruce up a small backyard. You only need two sturdy trees to serve as its post. The said trees will also provide the needed shade for your small sanctuary. In the absence of trees, you can look for posts to do the same function. Some hammocks have their own stands.

One must not underestimate this tiny addition. Staying in a hammock gives you a much-needed breather. You can snooze in it, meditate, stargaze or read. Two-person or double hammocks are perfect for snuggles, or an extra space if you want to stay on it alone.

An Innovative Murphy Bar

Some people love to sip wine while communing with nature. People who entertain guests may want to have some drinks with friends. Space should not limit you to do these things. A Murphy bar is the perfect answer.

This is a fold-down bar attached to the wall. It may appear like a simple cabinet when not in use. But, the moment you unfold it would show what it holds. The compartments inside can hold your glassware and favorite drinks. The cover doubles as the table when folded down. For you to have a longer table to accommodate more people, the key is to go vertical with your cabinet. It serves a double purpose as you can store more items inside.

A Welcoming Fire Pit

For cozy nights, storytelling, and s’mores, you could always trust an outdoor fire pit to do the trick. Have seating options around your pit. With these, you can create an amazing opportunity to enjoy the company of others. You can even add grill grates over your fire pit so that you can enjoy more food other than s’mores.

One top consideration with outdoor fire pits is safety. Make sure that this added home feature adheres to any local regulation. Also, be cautious at all times when using it. Do not forget simple things like not leaving the fire unattended or having a bucket of water. Enjoyment should not override practicality.

A Relaxing Retreat

kid playing with garden hose

Some people could not go all out for an outdoor pool. There are many alternatives you can look into. Prefabricated and freestanding saunas are available in the market. You can also do it as a DIY project or call in a professional. The mental health benefits a sauna would give you are worth the investment.

An outdoor tub is another excellent option for an invigorating experience. You can soak your stress away here. If you do not enjoy submerging your body in water but love the feel of it, an outdoor shower could be your preference. The only consideration with these added home features is privacy. Make sure that they are in a secluded area for optimal enjoyment.

The size of your backyard should not discourage you. Home improvement has gone a long way and is ripe with innovations and creative ideas. Find the one that suits your personality and apply it to your small backyard. You would see your tiny backyard transform into something phenomenal.

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