Tips for Designing and Building a Lake House

Many of us love spending time outdoors, breathing in the fresh air, and waking up to the soft sound of water. By owning a lakefront property, you could surely get to do all that while having a cozy living space to relax from a busy long week. Lake houses are popular for people who crave serene waters and beautiful views of nature and want to escape the hustle and bustle of life in the city.

Indeed, having a lake house to stay in for a few days or totally move in is a dream. Are you thinking of designing and building your own lakefront home? Then you’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll find tips to help you start your lakeside home project.

1. Find the right land

Just like with building other types of houses, you need to ensure that the property is suitable for your lake house. Before planning and designing your home, spend some time researching the land. For instance, it’s best to know beforehand whether there are topography issues that you will likely face during the designing and building phase, hindering you from building on the particular spot that you want. If you’re going on-grid, make sure you also have an area to install a septic tank or connect to the city water.

Checking the local laws also comes when choosing the land to build your lake house. In some locations, the local government has the right to all land within 100 feet from the lake. The last thing you want to happen is for your house to be knocked down because you built it in a government-controlled land.

2. Focus on the views

This is kind of obvious as most families opt for lake houses with a goal to enjoy the great outdoors and scenic views. As much as possible, you want to design and build rooms with great access to the waterfront views. These may include your living area, kitchen, dining, and bedrooms. While it might be impossible to have waterfront views for all rooms, you can always install outdoor entertaining or living areas to make the most of the views. And of course, make sure to install wide and huge windows to get the best views of the outside.

3. Use natural materials

lakehouse concept

A lake house should be a part of the nature surrounding it, which you can achieve by using natural building materials. You can opt to incorporate massive wooden posts and beans in your interior design and go with cedar or stone for your home’s exterior appeal. Installing a stone fireplace is also a classic move to bring in more natural elements into the home. You can also fill the living space with furniture and decors made from organic and natural materials such as seagrass, leather, cotton, and of course, wood. Such options can give your house a country and rustic appeal, which is a perfect way to make the space look timeless.

4. Consider an open-floor plan

Another important consideration when building a lake house is the floor plan. Interior designers recommend going for an open-floor plan if you want to achieve an airy and easy flow of movement. This also provides a better space for entertaining guests and mingling in a common area. At the same time, this floor plan is even more beneficial when you’re cooking in the kitchen as the host can still continue to interact with the guests. What’s more, an open floor plan enables a better connection between the indoor and outdoor areas and letting in more natural light into your home. Without visual or physical barriers, your space can feel bigger.

5. Work with an experienced builder

Last but not least, it’s an important thing to find an experienced contractor to help you design and build the lake house. Find an architectural and construction firm that has worked with numerous original projects. You can do your own search online and check out websites and portfolios of different companies. You can also ask your family or friends if they can recommend any reputable and good designers and builders that you can consider. For a smoother process, it’s best to work with a company that can handle both the design and build so you can cut some costs too.

By taking notes of these easy tips, you can have a smooth design and build process for your dream lakeside house. This property can be your private sanctuary in the middle of nature’s wonders, and of course, can be an excellent investment to have as well. Start building your very own lake house and experience the convenience and adventure that comes with it.

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