5 Things to Watch Out For When Buying or Building a House in 2021

Getting your dream house and land is a huge milestone. The planning process can be exciting and daunting because there are many factors to consider as a first-time homeowner.

Location, budget, and functionality are some concerns you will want to look into before you take that first step. To buy or to build? Which contractor or developer to contact?

And of, course, the fun part is the design. No dream home can be called such if it doesn’t spark a burst of delight in you as soon as you open that front door.

If you want to know what’s in store for next year, we have compiled a list of property trends for 2021 that might help you decide which home to pick:

1. Shift to urban communities

Many are looking into multiple-family properties like condominiums or apartments located in cities. Because most of these are within walkable distance to offices and commercial establishments, there is less dependence on vehicles, and access to basic needs is easier. If privacy is your concern, however, a single detached unit may be the right setup for you.

2. AI-driven

There are many apps and devices you can use to create your smart home. Think of your home being able to gather data about your lifestyle choices and having the tech to act on it. Having an AI-driven home means less energy spent on doing chores, less time spent on decision-making for domestic matters, and arguably less room for error and spoilage. With a smart home, you can tighten your security, streamline your daily routine, and become more productive.

3. Ecologically-friendly decor

Climate change concerns have catapulted the move toward natural and sustainably sourced materials. Trends in interior design have seen the use of dried plants as decor, bigger windows for better natural lighting, and biodegradable paint in neutral tones. The rise of the indoor garden for relaxation and aesthetic value is another shift we will be seeing, with more people working and studying from home because of the pandemic.

4. Mixed-use spaces


Adaptability and convenience will be key features of home design for 2021. Mixed-use spaces¬†will become more popular as the lines between work, home, and recreation blur. You’ll be seeing rooms that can be converted into a study, office space, studio, or home gym. The need to be able to use all the spaces of the home may increase demand for multifunctional and lightweight furniture that can be assembled and transported with ease.

5. Textured walls

Textured walls provide a home with an area of interest and can double as a backdrop for beautiful photos or Zoom meetings. Opt for natural materials like wood, feathers or faux fur, or leaves to bring the outdoors in. Unpainted concrete walls bring an industrial vibe that feels both solid and minimalist.

Doing your research will help ground your decision-making in what kind of home you’re planning to have. It is a life-changing investment for you and your family. Consider these housing trends to make sure you will find the best property that suits your needs and lifestyle.

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