Shipping Containers: Practical Ways to Maintain Safety When Handling Them

You can mitigate the risks that come with loading, unloading, packing, and unpacking shipping containers only if you understand the risks in question. Since your loading and unloading environment is unique, you should identify all possible hazards before attempting anything. In case the hazards cannot be eliminated, you should devise practical ways to manoeuvre them. Highlighted below are some of the ways to maintain safety when handling shipping containers:

Use the Right Type of Equipment

It is advisable to use mechanical aids. While there is nothing wrong with manual handling, it increases the risk of accidents. Mechanical aids such as trailer skates and conveyor belts make loading and loading shipping containers safe. They also make it easy and fast. Understand that only the right type of equipment would be value for money. This makes it important to choose among tested and proved brands of mechanical aids.

Hire Qualified Staff

Whether you would be using mechanical or manual handling, you should only work with trained workers. Qualified and competent workers employ ideal work processes to minimise risks. Before hiring anyone, it is important to look into their background to ensure that they are what they claim to be. If you prefer working with packing and unpacking specialists, choose among providers with enough qualified in-house workers. This is because subcontractors can be unreliable. Any provider you work with should carry enough insurance.

Beware of Falls

Falls are likely to happen when handling open top containers. Since they can only be packed and unpacked from above, they require handlers to work at height. It is advisable to set your loading bridge appropriately to guarantee a firm stand. If you would be using a lifting platform, it ought to be stable enough. It pays to ensure that retreating swiftly or sidestepping would be possible in case it becomes necessary. Make sure that all workers wear the right safety gear throughout.

Be Careful When Opening the Doors

Loads usually shift within containers during transportation. This means that some items will most likely be pushing against the door. This is likely to result in the uncontrolled opening of container doors, which can mean falling load accidents. It is advisable never to assume that all goods are secured safely when opening container doors. It is also advisable to use door restraints such as nets, barriers, or ropes to prevent items from forcing the doors open. Do not ignore any notices given regarding the contents.

Prepare the Container Site

man on his radio monitoring the container site

You should determine where your containers would rest before they arrive. Ensuring that there is enough space and a clear path of navigation is important. In case your shipment would arrive at night, there should be sufficient lighting. It is also important to factor in climatic conditions. Rain, heat, and snow can affect safety when handling shipping containers. In case you would be placing your containers on common property, you should inform all other site users in time.

It is true that insuring your containers can take care of things in case the worst happens. However, accidents, especially those that happen owing to negligence, can open you up to expensive lawsuits. Researching the shipping container handling safety measures to take and employing them utterly is important.

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