Common Shipping Mistakes to Avoid

It is evident that you want your shipment to arrive in one piece. However, this might not be as straightforward as you might think. To improve the chances of a successful shipping process, you should familiarize yourself with the most common freight mistakes. Most importantly, you should learn how to avoid them.

Poor Packaging

Most shipping companies strive to offer outstanding support. However, the packaging is your responsibility. Unless your shipping provider has packaging services, you have to package your goods properly. This is important because it helps avoid damage and loss of assets. If your shipping firm does not offer support regarding packaging, consider consulting professionals. Professionals can help you pack your products and your containers according to the type of goods you are shipping.

Hiring the Wrong Shipping Company

You have to research potential providers before signing any agreement. Make sure that they have the right type of trucks. They should have experienced drivers, as well. Choose a European road freight company that has experience handling your kind of goods. If you are shipping perishables, for instance, they should know how to manage them. Since you rerouting cargo and warehousing might be necessary, you need a provider that knows what to do and when. Do not overlook client support when evaluating potential providers.

Listing the Wrong Freight Class and Weight

Weighing your shipments before shipping them is essential. This helps avoid the additional fees that come with re-weighing deliveries. Lower freight classes mean a lower price. If you class your shipment too low, you will most likely be subject to a reclassification fee. It is advisable not to risk such charges. Although small, they can pile up. If you have no idea how to weigh and class your shipment, seeking professional help is advisable.

Failure to Confirm Addresses and Estimated Time of Arrival

Checking the correct address

You should double check addresses before scheduling your shipment. While your purchase will rarely get lost, tracking down a failed delivery and reshipping will mean extra expenses. It might also expose you to massive losses, especially if you are shipping perishable goods. Regardless of how reliable your shipping company is, you should know that freight is very unpredictable. Your shipping provider should give a definite answer regarding the estimated time of arrival. It pays to work with a provider that offers shipment-tracking support.

Overlooking Insurance

It could be that your insurance company is reliable. However, accidents happen without warning. In case your goods are not insured, accidents, theft, and natural disasters can mean massive losses. Buying insurance guarantees conclusive protection. Understand that only the right type of coverage guarantees full coverage. Do not buy just any product simply because it is available. It is advisable to buy your coverage from an established insurance company. You need a company with staying power.

With enough research, shipping mistakes can be avoided. When in doubt, it is advisable to seek help. Working with freight brokers can also help. The right broker will determine your needs and then find you the right European road freight company.

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