Backyard Pools: Who Says You Can’t Swim during the Pandemic?

People have become creative in how they spend their time at home amid the pandemic. Cabin fever forced people to think of ways on how to unwind, given the difficult situation.

Most families have been staying together 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Yet, they only have limited activities to enjoy. Eating in their favorite restaurants has shifted to drive-thru dates and delivery Fridays. Doing shopping in the malls has transitioned to add-to-cart and online shopping. Enjoying nature has become limited to enjoying their small outdoor space at home. And, beach escapades have become home pool Sundays during this pandemic.

Yes. Some resorts have closed down temporarily. Thus, many families have become interested in constructing their backyard pools. Some families still refuse to go to the public beaches for fear of contracting the virus.

This is why they’d rather construct their backyard pools at home. True enough, why go to the beach when you can enjoy summer without compromising the safety of your family?

More families are enjoying their outdoor space at home

According to a recent survey for the International Casual Furnishings Associations, some households have maximized their outdoor space by doing family activities. These include grilling and eating together. They also do gardening, workouts, and play with the kids and with their pets. Their outdoor space has become a sanctuary for relaxation and an ideal spot for family entertainment.

Yet, the report also shows that many Americans are not satisfied with their outdoor space. They believe they can still improve on the style, function, and comfort of their outdoor space. Thus, many Americans would want to create an outdoor space that is fun yet functional. They also want it to be a spot where they can entertain guests and spend some time relaxing.

This could probably explain the sudden boom in the construction of home pools amid this pandemic.

The pool industry on its sudden boom

The construction industry has been affected by the pandemic. Yet, some sectors in the industry are gaining from the current situation. One of which is the pool builders.

According to the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance, a network of pool builders, the construction of in-ground residential pools has seen a 21% increase across the U.S last year. At least 45% of the alliance members also believe that the sudden demand for backyard pools will bring in a 10% increase in revenues for the industry this year.

Their members constantly report about double the sales of their pools and pool construction materials. They also report about the pile-up in projects. This causes their workers to do overtime work. This is also why their materials and supplies go out of stock. There has also been a demand for compact excavators, as this equipment fits in such small backyards.

What to do if you plan to build a pool

If you think about it, having a pool in your background has its advantages. For one, your family does not have to go to public beaches for a much-needed dip. Next, you can enjoy your outdoor activities such as grilling and eating together while the rest of the family is enjoying the pool. You can even invite friends over for a small pool gathering, knowing that it is safe and secured.

If you are interested in building your home pool for your family, it is best to consult a pool builder. Invite them over for ocular inspection. Their assessment will be crucial in choosing which size and shape are best for your ground. They will also determine whether your site is best for in-ground or above-ground pools. They can also give you cost computations of the materials and equipment to use and the overall construction cost, given your preference.

It is also best to consult with builders on the zoning laws implemented in your area. This differs per state. So, make sure you familiarize yourself with the restriction and required parameters.

Do it for your family

You might think having a backyard pool will be costly, given the financial uncertainties brought about by the pandemic. Think of it this way. This can also be an investment in your family’s mental health wellness while the rest of the world deals with the pandemic. If it is the only way to enjoy the outdoor sun without the risk of COVID-19, then it is going to be worth it.

As they say, if you can’t go outdoors, why not bring the outdoors within the comforts of your homes?

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