Let the Light in: Ways to Brighten Up a Poorly-lit Space

Homeowners have very different and specific preferences on interior design, but everyone agrees that lighting always takes first priority. Lighting makes a space look livable. No matter which part of the house it may be, no one would truly enjoy spending their time inside a dim room with no elements of relaxation. But, if you ended up with a living space that needs adjustments in the lighting department, there are a few tricks you can do to either let natural light flow into your room or use artificial sources.

More mirrors for more magic

If you’re looking for additional lighting sources that are both affordable and functional, mirrors serve as the perfect choices. Allow more light waves to enter different areas of your house by making full use of a mirror’s reflective properties. In this way, you can create the illusion of additional lighting indoors, while also making your space look bigger than it actually is. To make this technique work, choose a light source and put a mirror behind or directly across it. The mirror will allow the light all around your room to bounce, making the space feel a lot brighter and more spacious.

Elegant house with hardwood floor

Care for some colours

Your choice of colours will determine so much of what your whole lighting system is going to be. While your instincts may tell you that you should start by switching up the colours of your walls with wallpaper, it may not always be a viable option especially if you’re only renting your current space. You can look into some design elements that you can incorporate into your space for that bit of brightness. Throw in some fun rugs, vibrant pillows on your Singapore leather sofa, and other decorative pieces all over the living room. Pick up a huge art piece with some interesting splashes of colours. If you’re not into huge paintings on your wall, you can opt for some accent pieces that you can even DIY. Also, you don’t have to stick to the usual white as a safe choice. Metallics, lilacs, or even bolder choices such as red and orange will add some colour and brightness in your room.

Don’t hesitate to leave some space

Interior design experts often incorporate the concept of white or negative space when designing space. This, after all, is a basic design concept. White space are empty spaces that surround a room’s focal point. Designers intentionally leave white spaces blank so as to not make an area look cluttered. These empty spaces work by creating an illusion that there’s more there is to it, as these allow the eyes to rest and catch a visual break. This is highly important especially if you’re into design concepts that tend to be non-minimalistic.

The colours, choices of furniture, the proper use of floor space, and light bulbs are some of the factors that contribute to the lighting experience in your room. Use them well and you’ll have a room that re-charges your energy instead of sapping it.

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