How to Make House Paint Last Longer

Painting is the best and probably the easiest way to re-design and add style to absolutely any surface. Everyone wants their work of art to last as long as it could. This is regardless if it is indoor or outdoor art. With all the colors you can choose from, who is to stop you from painting the design of your dreams?

Now, you may have already painted the most perfect image in your eyes, but are you sure it is made to last? If you are not sure about the answer to that question, here are some tips that will work for you.

Make Necessary Repairs First

house repair

Even if you are excited to get your paintbrush onto your favorite shade of blue, you first have to prepare your canvas. Whether it is wood or hard wall, you should first consider the surface that you want to paint.

If it is wood and has damages caused by insects or termites, have it replaced or fixed first. Concrete walls with cracks and pits also need to be filled first for a smoother and more aesthetic effect. If these are left untreated and then, still painted, you may end up being unsatisfied with your work.

Clean the Surface You Want to Paint

Dirt and debris will be your number one enemy once you think you are just about ready to get started. The texture that a dirty surface provides may prevent your paint from sticking on the surface where you want it to be.

Get rid of cobwebs and other elements that you do not need to be there. Wash the surface at least twice. First, use laundry detergent and clean water. Then, rinse away and clean with more water and a towel. In some cases, you may need to work with bleach as well.

Apply Proper Painting Techniques

man painting the roof

Painting may seem like a job that everybody can basically do. This, however, is a major myth. This is because proper painting techniques are actually essential if you want your work to be pleasing to the eyes. If you think this task is best left to the experts, you can seek help from painting contractors in Park City.

If the layer of paint is too thin, the color will look duller as it dries. If you apply too many paint layers, on the other hand, this can end up cracking and become an eyesore. If you are a beginner or are just doing it for fun, at least try to get the layers all even. As for the stroke, an inverted ā€œNā€ or a normal one is highly recommended.

Time Your Painting Task

If you are painting outdoors, you will need to time your activity for when the weather is in your favor. For example, if the weather is too hot, you may find it hard to even out the paint. This is because paint dries faster in hot weather. In humid weather, meanwhile, the paint may develop bubbles. It is best that you schedule your painting job in cool and dry weather under a shade.

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