7 Ways to Improve the Resale Value of Your Home

Home improvements are always a good idea, especially when they improve life at home. But it is also a form of financial investment. The more upgrades a homeowner has, the higher the resale value of the house.

For this, homeowners are not required to make costly and excessive improvements. They can opt for something as easy as maintaining a tidy front yard or investing in energy-saving features for the home. These home improvements should be two things: functional and practical. Here are some upgrades worth considering:

Enhance Your Landscaping Game


A well-kept yard makes a nice first impression, but a lovely landscape goes much further. Enhance your curb appeal by having a vibrant display of plants and shrubs in the front yard. Even though this is one of the oldest techniques in the book, it always works.

This may come easier to green thumbs, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to achieve for those who aren’t. Choose plants that are native to your area for a reasonable price range for this project. Choose plants that need less water, are drought-resistant, and are simple to care for. Take notice of the growth while still developing the landscape layout. Planting trees and topiaries too close to the house’s facade, for example, might result in costly repairs as these plants mature.

Mind Your Entryway

The entryway is partly responsible for keeping the interior of the home safe. But it’s also responsible for making a positive first impression on visitors. It must be made of high-quality materials that can withstand adverse weather conditions. At the same time, it should appear nice and go in with the rest of the house’s style. Form and function are key.

Extend Outdoor Space

Utilizing occasionally used outdoor space is the best way to make use of what’s already there while adding both beauty and value to a home. By making the most out of usable space, there’s more “room” to be around the house. In addition, decks are great for having friends and family over especially when the weather is ideal.

To make sure this project pays off, choose quality timber decking boards, deck piers, joists, and more. The materials should be of good and durable quality for them to last longer. But if you have an existing deck already, consider upgrading it, especially when it’s looking rundown and weathered.

Save the Upgrades for the Kitchen and Bathroom

modern kitchen

The kitchen and bathrooms are the most sought-after in a house tour. Potential buyers prefer updated systems and modern designs in these rooms, especially since they have important functions. Should there be a budget for remodeling, it should go to the kitchen and bathroom. However, between both of them, the kitchen remodel will prove to be more effective for home resale so remodel it first before the bathroom. An aesthetic and a well-performing kitchen is attractive especially since it’s an area with high foot traffic.

Think of Energy-Saving Tactics

There are multiple ways one can do to improve and integrate energy-saving features. These are attractive to the market as they offer both utility and convenience in home life. An example would be proper insulation. Be sure that windows are properly caulked and glazed, and your doors have weather stripping installed.

Proper insulation prevents your heating and cooling systems to overperform thus saving on utility bills. Another example would be shifting to LED lights. Although they’re pricey, they’ll save you money in the long run. LED lights last 25 times longer and use 75% less energy. Unlike traditional lights, there’s no need for reflectors and diffusers with LED lights. Additionally, they’re more durable and efficient than incandescent lights and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL).

Replace Old Sockets and Switches

It’s common for sockets and switches to yellow over time. These can look unappealing, but they’re inexpensive to replace. Another reason to replace them is that they can be electrical hazards. It’s common for electrical plastics to crack after a long time, which exposes wires and allows dust and debris to build up. Even after these have been replaced, it’s ideal to practice safety to prevent electrical accidents and injuries.

Update Fixtures and Taps

Most homeowners usually just use what comes with the house, but this is a feature worth taking advantage of. Switching old doorknobs, cabinet handles, and faucet taps is a subtle way to elevate any room. Replacing knobs and handles are inexpensive too! Faucets are pricier due to their material and utility.

There are other projects worth doing around the house, both big and small. But it’s always good to keep an open mind and inspect what needs to be done and what can be improved.

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