5 Great Things About Powder Coating

owder coating has been a go-to method of protecting bicycle rims and frames, motorcycle and car mag wheels, and other materials. Powder-coated items are literally around us – in industrial complexes, roads, business establishments, schools, construction sites, and many other places. This coating technique involves using a dry powder that is either charged electrostatically or fluidized and then applied to a surface. The item is then oven-baked to over 385 degrees Fahrenheit and allowed to set and bond before being cured.

There are many shops that specialize in powder coating. Utah, for example, has some reputable powder coating specialists that you can turn to if you need some items to have this great coating technology. As a process, powder coating can offer great benefits that no other options can provide. Here are five powder coating advantages that you can expect:

Evenly-applied coating

Unlike spray painting, powder coating doesn’t produce items that are unevenly coated in certain parts like crevices or corners. Whichever of the two methods is used, powder coating can guarantee even application and setting of the dry powder that eliminates drip marks or uneven levels of powder in some spots. The result is an evenly-applied coating that is nice to the touch and neat to look at.

Hard-wearing coat

When compared side by side with traditional paint, powder coat is a more durable material to use on different items. There are different kinds of powder coats that you can use for specific applications so there’s one that would perfectly offer your desired results. Some powders have great corrosion resistance while others can withstand abrasions and chemicals. You only need to consult with a professional powder coating shop to determine the right kind of powder for your specific applications.

More eco-friendly and safer for the operator

powder coating sprayer

Traditional paint requires solvents that are proven to not only be hazardous for the ones who apply the paint, but also to the environment. Powder coating, meanwhile, does not need any kind of solvent in the mix. This means that with this technique, operators of the machine used in powder coating are safe from the hazards associated with solvent inhalation. In addition, nature is spared the risks of solvent and also a relatively low risk of exposure to volatile organic compounds.

Faster application

If you need something painted and you need to use it within a short time, then powder coating is the obvious choice. With paint, it would take more than twice as long to dry up and be ready for use compared with a powder coat. Paints with solvents require a flash off period before being safely inserted into the oven whole powder coat does not necessitate the same. Powder coating considerably cuts the time needed for the entire process so the item can be used at once.

Great-looking finish

Powder-coated items have a great-looking finish when done properly. This is due primarily to the even coating and better adhesion to the surface of the electrostatically-charged or fluidized powder. If you’re after aesthetics, then powder coating is the way to go.

If you’ve decided to have your items powder-coated, just make sure you’re hiring a professional and reliable shop to do the job. In skilled hands, your items will surely be aesthetically-pleasing and long-lasting, two hallmarks of the powder coating technique.

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