Tips for Making a Windowless Room Feel Bigger and Brighter

It’s difficult to be inspired by pictures of houses from websites like Architectural Digest or The Spruce if our homes don’t have big windows or natural lighting. There’s no denying that this trend of massive floor-to-ceiling windows is gorgeous as it lets the sunlight in (not to mention good for our overall well-being). Still, not all homeowners have been blessed with a property that has a lot of windows, and it can dampen our experience in trying to create a home or a space that feels warm, inviting, and trendy.

Not all homes are blessed with natural lighting, but tips and tricks make windowless interiors feel more spacious and lighter. So before you plan your next big home DIY project, grab your construction safety equipment and materials, review your space again and again, and let your imagination and creativity run wild through these pointers. No matter how dark or dreary your interiors may be, there are plenty of ways to improve them and make them lighter and brighter.

Here are some tips for making windowless rooms and spaces appear and feel bigger and brighter.

Incorporate more indoor plants or greenery

Since the whole point of big windows is to extend our home’s indoor and outdoor areas and make occupants feel more connected to nature, you can recreate this feel by simply incorporating more greenery or indoor plants into your home. The whole point is to bring your room to life, and what better than to add a small potted, florals, or even some faux greenery trees? Make room for it in your home, but don’t overdo it to the point that your space looks like a jungle.

Add plenty of mirrors and reflective surfaces

There’s a reason why dance studios look bigger than they are—mirrors have a way of making a space appear more spacious and much brighter than it actually is. Even accessories made of metal and other shiny materials effectively bounce any light you may have in the room, so you can be sure that more reflective surfaces will only expand your interiors. One way to do it is by placing a mirror adjacent to a window in your room to double the light from the window. If you have a mantelpiece, you can also add a huge mirror on top of it instead of a painting or a screen.

modern style living room

Use natural materials and lighter furniture

If your room lacks windows and natural light, then now is not the time to incorporate heavy-duty furniture made of darker materials. If the room is on the darker side, use a bed frame made of a muted or light material, and you can also eliminate darker-colored fabrics and textiles for a more lightweight fabric for your sheets, covers, pillows, throws, and blankets. Get rid of the massive statement chairs that take up too much space, and opt for simple and minimalist chairs, a bench, or a couch.

Opt for layered lighting

If there are no windows in your room, then the next best thing is to copy the look and feel of natural light by using layered lighting. Good lighting design takes more than just one fancy pendant light or chandelier; more often than not, you might need a lamp at eye level or a floor lamp to make your room feel bigger, brighter, and more open.

Think of lighting as something that works at multiple levels: Layered lighting can help you choose and set the mood, and if you strategically use all the available surfaces, you might be able to have lighting options for all types of situations—whether for work, entertaining guests, or just having a quiet, romantic evening with your significant other. If you must opt for lampshades, however, make sure to choose ones made of fabric. This is because metallic shades tend to dim the light emanating from the lamp.

Choose the right window treatments

If your windows are already small and lacking in numbers, then switch out your blackout curtains for white, airy ones that only provide privacy. Choosing lighter and brighter drapes can help you take advantage of the available light, and white curtains can go a long way in adding much-needed brightness to any space.

If we are spending most of our time at home, it needs to be as open and clear as possible. Brighten up your space through these steps, whether you have windows or not.

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