When Do Glass Block Windows Make Sense?

Glass block windows are quirky alternatives to traditional exterior windows with clear panes. In many ways, glass block is like brick because it’s installed with mortar. Although it can’t bear loads other than its own, glass block can be used to make up an entire wall.

Not all experts in windows and window treatments in Florida, Louisiana, and Maryland would recommend glass block. After all, it doesn’t stay fashionable for several decades.

However, there are times when glass block windows make a lot of sense. Here, learn about signs that you should use them over conventional clear-glass windows.

You Yearn for Heatless Daylighting

Absolute illumination is the main attractive feature of glass block. It can catch practically all of the sun that hits the wall, brightening up your indoors significantly.

What’s more is that this material is an excellent insulator. Glass block’s thermal insulation value is on par with double glazing, the standard in today’s window replacement.

Apart from blocking solar heat while letting visible light in, glass block is airtight. The use of cement mortar eliminates draftiness completely.

Traditional glass block offers no ventilation. But some designs these days come with vents in order to let indoor moisture to escape and prevent problems associated with excessive humidity.

You Want Privacy Without Curtains

Glass block’s ability to provide privacy is a contentious matter, but not all products are see-through. Many glass block windows these days are translucent, making it not transparent enough to protect yourself from prying eyes while adequately clear to harness adequate sunlight for indoor illumination.

You don’t need to dress it to keep your privacy in check. But if you wish to maintain a low profile, you could plant all-season foliage outside to hide some of it from view and connect it with the rest of the landscape.

 Glass Block Windows

You Love to Visually Expand Your Indoor Space

If you have a tiny room, adding glass block can make it larger than its actual square footage. You can achieve the same benefit with several types of windows like a picture window or a casement window. But glass block is much more versatile as a space enhancer.

As mentioned, glass block is installed like brick. You can fit them into your wall, regardless of its size. If you have a low ceiling, you could stack some pieces of glass block in one portion of the wall and instantly make your space feel less like claustrophobic.

You Are After Green Building Credits

What’s making glass block trending in the 21st century is sustainability. Complementing your ENERGY STAR–certified fenestration products with glass block windows can help you qualify for LEED and other similar certifications.

It feels nice knowing that your property is energy-efficient enough to make a positive impact on the environment. But green building credits could boost your house’s value too.

Wrap Up

Glass block in itself can look dated, but it’s possible to make it coexist with contemporary design elements. Since you shouldn’t use it across the board, figure out the best places to use it as a window.


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