What You Should Know About Protecting Yourself from UV Radiation Indoors

Sun and a buildingDirect sunlight exposure doesn’t just happen outdoors; it can also happen inside your abode. This is especially true if your home or room receives a great amount of sunlight throughout the day. Large windows are indeed beautiful additions to home interiors, but they come with a price.

If the glass of your windows is your only barrier protecting you against the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, you are likely to be susceptible to skin and eye damage, as well as premature aging of the skin.

Wearing sunscreen is beneficial in such situations, but the sad parts is, it is hard enough for most people to remember applying it on when going outside. Plus, they can only do so much. While skincare experts recommend daily sunscreen application even indoors, not all people think about sun protection when they are staying inside their homes.

Simple Protection

There is no denying the benefits of sunscreen, but if you’re looking for a simpler way to protect yourself and your family against UV rays indoors, you might want to consider a residential window film, especially if you live in a sunny state such as Arizona (AZ). Window tinting experts note that this is especially beneficial if you have rooms with large glass windows.

Excessive exposure to sunlight could cause the fabrics of some furniture to fade or wear out. As such, having your windows tinted can also reduce the effects of heat and light on your furnishings. It would be a waste to spend so much money and energy on beautifying your home only to find your items fade in time.

Less Glare and Discomfort

Another great thing about window film is that it can reduce direct glare from the sun as well as reflected glares on screens, such as televisions and computers. This then allows you to work and relax without the added discomfort and eyestrain from excessive sunlight.

Window films are better than blinds as they can block out most of the glare, without obstructing your view outside. Plus, you get to enjoy the benefits of having natural light get inside your home. These include vitamin D in the morning, cutting electricity costs and a few health benefits as well.

Other Benefits

Tinded windows of an establishmentApart from preventing the harmful effects of UV rays and reducing direct and indirect glare, having your windows tinted also brings the following benefits:

  • Reducing interior fading
  • Keeping rooms cool (especially in warmer months)
  • Helping to retain heat (especially in colder months)
  • Increasing privacy
  • Deterring intruders
  • Protecting glass from breakage

People often focus most of their attention on the more obvious factors that improve their quality of life — all while forgetting that it’s the small things that have the most significant effect on daily life. Small details that we encounter every day add up and creep up on us without us noticing.

Don’t underestimate the gradual effects of direct sun exposure, even if you stay most of the time indoors. Contact a reliable provider of window tinting solutions to protect you and your family from the sun’s damaging rays and reap its other benefits.

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