VIPs: Very Important Preparations for Very Important Guests

Taking care of VIP guests is a tall order. Celebrities, businesspeople and government officials are used to having special access and treatment during events and conferences. Anything less than that may leave a negative impression, which can be passed on to their considerable networks.

If you give them a comfortable and pleasant experience, though, your team can secure other guests of this caliber. A good word from VIPs might just boost your team’s name in their circles. Here are some very important preparations to do:

Coordinate with Their Team

No two VIPs are the same; each one has needs depending on their personality and line of work. A high-ranking government official might need more security measures, for instance.

Coordination with the VIP’s team is imperative. They know the needs of their bosses intimately, and they can give you specific instructions.

Bear in mind, too that each person within the team has specific responsibilities. It’s your job to learn who should be contacted for what. Who will come with the VIP to the event? Who’s in charge of security? Who manages the schedule? Communication is key.

Inquire as much as you can about the guest’s schedule. It’s not uncommon for them to excuse themselves during the event for another appointment. Knowing the VIP’s arrival and exit allows you to plan check-in and exit strategies as well as security measures.

The team also knows the VIP’s preferences and peeves when it comes to food, entertainment and accommodation. To ensure that the guest will have a pleasant experience, you have to do as his or her team says.

Focus on Their Comfort


In your attempt to find the perfect gift, you might overlook some basic aspects of your VIP’s comfort. Untidy bathrooms won’t earn you five stars, and an uncomfortable temperature won’t earn you praise. Meanwhile, a sleek UK prestige car hire to pick them up and a plate of his or her favourite snack earn you points.

Making VIPs wait is the worst. As mentioned earlier, these guests are used to quick access into anything. You won’t want your VIP to stand in a line — along with ordinary guests — in the heat or cold, as someone fumbles through a list of names. A streamlined check-in process is a must, so they can enter the event easily.

Be Familiar with the Venue

The comfort and security of your VIP guests highly depend on the venue, so your team should know every inch of it. If you understand the limitations of the space, you can make better management decisions. For instance, you can prepare a waiting area in case the guest arrives early or plans a low-key exit strategy.

Personalize Their Experience

VIPs are no stranger to special treatment. It’s up to your team to stand out. The more attentive your team is to their needs, the more the guests will enjoy and remember the event. A personalized treatment shows that your team truly cares.

It doesn’t always have to be grand. Give your guest a personal greeting when they arrive. Welcome the VIP with a drink, or make sure to note their dietary preference.

If your team does your homework, your VIP will walk out of the event happy. It took many nights just to prepare for a few hours, but it pays to create a positive reputation, especially among the VIPs.

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