The Conservatory Aesthetic: What Makes It Awesome for Parties

When it comes to organizing parties and other events, the theme can be the most exciting part to think about. With a unique theme, your guests can dress up in stylish clothes you haven’t seen them in, which makes for great photos and memories.

How about instead of putting emphasis on the attire, focus on the venue and event styling. Go for an indoor garden-themed party inside a conservatory. The glass walls, lush greenery, and fresh flowers meddled with natural or dramatic lighting can achieve a balance between relaxation and having fun.

Conservatory contractors provide experienced event center builders, so you can make this dreamy party come to life. If you’re still struggling to think of a theme and styling concept, you should consider the conservatory aesthetic.

Different Types of Conservatories

You can have a conservatory made from wood or uPVC, and in different styles, depending on your taste and preferences. Wood is a classic choice and you would see them in homes with conservatories as well. Its natural grain blends well with a garden, and it looks lavish and elegant.

The wood can come from sustainable sources, too. Oak and soft timbers are highly renewable, so you can enjoy your party without being guilty of contributing to the destruction of forests.

uPVC conservatories are more suitable for more modern styles. Its white color complements anything and its simplicity is aesthetically pleasing. The material is also weather-proof, so if your party or event is met with heavy rains or snowfall, you would be secure and safe within its confines.

What Makes Conservatory Parties Awesome

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Conservatories are flexible venues, meaning they can accommodate lots of different styling. You can put furniture and many additional embellishments, whether simple or extravagant.

If you have a conservatory in your home, it can serve as a functional space all year round. You can have heating devices inside to warm you up during cold weather, and cooling systems to enjoy it during the summer. On the other hand, if you don’t have a conservatory yet but been considering having one, it’s actually a wise decision to make because the extra room would add value to your home.

Parties in a conservatory are fun because of the indoor-outdoor style. During unfriendly weathers, you know that outdoor venues are out of the option, but with conservatories, you can feel like you’ve partied outdoors, regardless.

Indoor garden parties during the summer can also make an alfresco experience possible. Even if you’re surrounded by walls, the garden aesthetic is still achieved authentically. Colorful and summery decorations will make it more awesome, as well as unique table accessories such as bamboo paper plates that would fit the theme. You may also forego seats and opt for cushions instead to make it feel like a daytime picnic.

The food menu is also simpler with an indoor garden theme, yet sumptuous and tasty. It’s the perfect time to serve seasonal food items and dishes. You can have fruits, Parisian-style delicacies, vegetable-loaded salads, and flavorful, upscale sandwiches. The summer is also the best time for refreshing drinks such as fruit juices and iced tea.

Having an indoor garden-themed party is simple but fun, and to hold it in such a versatile venue like a conservatory makes it even more awe-inspiring. Conservatories are indeed flexible and unique, and they provide a perfect outdoor vibe even during cold climates when most people would think alfresco events aren’t possible.

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