Taking Advantage of Nature’s Gifts While Living in a Cabin

There are a lot of things that people take for granted. A lot of the things that we interact with have become too convenient and modern. We seem to have forgotten that nature is our ultimate provider. There are trees that not only bear fruit but are also great shelters. Some people appreciate these simple things, and they are likely to come up with cabin designs. Some need a place to escape to when they get burned out from the daily grind in the city. Being out there in a remote location surrounded by nature’s creations is a perfect contrast to that and should be enough to help you refresh your mind and body.

If you decide to take some time out and live in a cabin, you will be giving up some of modern life’s creature comforts. But never fear, for nature’s gifts will make up for it. Here are some that you can take advantage of while being away from the city:

Light Source

The busiest business districts in the world are littered with towering buildings. They are beautiful in their own right, but you will get used to seeing them once you get a job in the area. If you are in an office that is situated several stories high off the ground, there are times when you find yourself staring outside the window and appreciating the skies.

The brightness and glare of the indoor fluorescent lights just cannot compare with sunshine. When you are in a cabin, those that tower you are not made of steel and concrete. Rather, you will be smitten at the sight of multiple trees. It is amazing to see the sun’s rays shining through the gaps between the leaves and branches. It will be great if your place has an area that can let this natural light in. You can make your day bright without relying on grid power.

Energy Source

Advancements in solar panel technologies have led us to a point where it has become a viable alternative power source. Installing these on your cabin’s roofs will enable it to harness the power of the sun. If you want to be totally detached from the grid, you need to invest in batteries. These are charged throughout the day, and you need to have enough cells to last you through the night. This would ensure continuous power for 24 hours every day. Not bad considering this frees you from monthly electric bills too.


Having yourself surrounded by trees can give you a lower temperature than when you are in a place that does not have one. Trees like to feed on carbon dioxide and take in sunlight. So if you want to spend a few summer days here, the heat will not be as cruel. If the nights get too cold and you do not have a heating system in the cabin, you should have a good supply of firewood at the ready. This will be quite the workout for you, as you need to chop a lot of firewood so you can have it used in a fireplace.


Modern Log Cabin Home in a Forest Environment

There should be no shortage of plants and shrubberies that you can harvest your edibles from. This promotes healthy living, as you will be obliged to consume organic food. Lakes should be a good source of protein by way of fishing. This is great, as not only does it help you catch your own food, but the act itself is quite relaxing. Being surrounded by the forest and seeing the calm waters while waiting for a fish to take your bait are an experience you would not exchange for anything.

They say that the best things in life are free, and that is evident with what nature can provide us. Getting back to urban life does not mean saying goodbye to being green. You can always start a gardening project. It may not be as lush as being in a forest, but it is a start. You may even inspire other people to do the same. When that happens, there’s a great chance that the world will have more of nature’s gifts spread out to everyone.

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