Strategies to Have an Energy-efficient Home

It is undeniable that people need electricity to keep their households running. But energy costs can hurt one’s finances. What strategies can a homeowner use for their home to be more energy-efficient? If this is your concern, too, read on to find out.

Go for a Window Upgrade

Some are not aware that windows contribute a lot to a home’s energy efficiency. Heat and cold can pass through leaks in windows. If your windows are old, consider a window replacement for your Utah home. Choose ENERGY-STAR-qualified windows to help regulate the heat around your house. Another added benefit of a window upgrade is that it adds appeal to your home. With so many modern designs to choose from, you will find one that will suit your taste.

While you are at it, you can add a skylight or two. These additions let in natural light and bring a piece of the sky in your home.

Kill the Energy Vampires

With prolific gadget use, people find the constant need to charge. But most of the time, even without the gadgets on them, chargers are still left plugged in. When a single charger is not unplugged, there is not much damage. But a few of them will start to reflect on your energy consumption. These unplugged chargers suck up a good amount of energy. That is why they are called “energy vampires.” They are also potential causes of fire. Thus, it is a practical thing to always check your chargers. Unplug them when not in use.

Keep “Hot Water Loads” to a Minimum

Unless specified on the fabrics, avoid washing with hot water. These loads make your washer work very hard. Heating water consumes way more energy than running the motor itself. Settle for cold or warm water to wash your clothes.

More washing tips will also help you save on energy. One, try to have full loads of laundry. This makes your washer work more efficiently. Two, you may opt to hang out clothes to dry if circumstances will allow. Your dryer consumes a considerable amount of energy to operate. But if line drying is not an option, make sure that the lint filter is always clean. This translates to shorter drying time.

Have Your HVAC System Serviced

Making sure that your heating and cooling system is working well can help you save on energy costs. The service includes checking connections, lubricating parts, and cleaning coils. All this maintenance will help your HVAC perform better. A smart thermostat is a wise investment if you are looking at saving energy c


If your walls have no insulation, now is the time to get it done. Insulation helps in saving energy. Also, it makes your home more comfortable. Work with a contractor to advise you on the proper materials to use. Also, your contractor will be in charge of the installation. Regardless of the material, the key to effective insulation is proper installation. If your house has an attic, add insulation to it, too.

Bring in an Expert

Your efforts on saving energy will definitely translate to lower energy costs. But if you want to cover areas that you might miss, consult a professional energy auditor. They can give you more strategies for more efficient energy use. Also, they can pinpoint practices that lead to energy waste.

Energy is vital for comfortable living. But that does not mean that you will use it lavishly and without considerate thought. Being energy-efficient also helps the environment.

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