Most Common AC Repairs and How to Fix Them

In the YouTube video “Top 5 AC Problems and How to Fix Them,” Jay thoroughly addresses common air conditioning issues and their solutions. The first problem discussed is a bad capacitor, leading to symptoms like the fan running but blowing room temperature air, while the compressor remains inactive. Jay suggests replacing the capacitor and provides additional resources for detailed instructions, including scenarios involving older AC units with multiple capacitors.

The second problem is low refrigerant, a more complex issue requiring professional intervention. Jay emphasizes the importance of proper refrigerant levels for efficient AC operation.

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Proceeding to the third problem, Jay talks about a clogged condensate drain line, detailing the potential issues and providing a step-by-step guide on clearing obstructions. He demonstrates various methods based on the type of drain line, offering practical solutions for homeowners.

Problem number four involves a bad control board, causing erratic behavior in the furnace or AC. Jay stresses the need for a meter for effective troubleshooting and outlines the steps to identify and address this issue.

The fifth problem Jay tackles is a malfunctioning condenser fan motor, potentially leading to compressor overheating. He advises viewers to check the capacitor before considering a replacement and offers valuable resources for diagnosis and replacement. If you need an AC repair, this video may give you the information you need to make the repair on your own.

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