Important Non-Food Items to Bring Along on Your Long Road Trips

Going on long road trips usually mean packing food supplies that will last you the entire trip. Although consumables are a priority, make sure you remember the non-edible supplies for your journey as well since they’re just as important. If this is your first time on a long road trip, check out this list of essentials.

First Aid and Repair Kits

Long journeys will require plenty of maintenance and this can mean anything from managing your Sprinter van or your people. Emergency items like epinephrine pens, bandages, and disinfectant should be part of your travel box, especially if you’re planning on rough roads. You should also invest a bit on learning basic survival and first aid, especially skills that are catered to the areas where you will travel. If you have the space for it, try to stock up on essentials that you know can’t be purchased on the road. Remember this particular set of supplies if you’re planning on camping out and getting food from your surroundings. There are many incidents where ignorant travelers eat something poisonous because they didn’t bring the right knowledge with them.

Navigation Tools

There are so many movies about the dangers of getting lost that it’s almost ridiculous. Your pack should be supplied with both electronic and analog tools to help you in traveling. Download and print maps that can help you find emergency stops, hospitals, gas stations, and motels. No matter how remote the location, you should still carry the proper tools for navigation because there’s no excuse for getting lost. Technology strives to make life easier, so you should use it as often as you can.

Vehicle Maintenance

Mechanic showing the lady the parts of the car

One of the most common worries of both the first-time and experienced traveler is their RV, trailer, or van breaking down. If this event ever does happen during your travels, you should be ready to make even the most rudimentary of repairs. Bring that extra tire or even a car battery if you know how to change it. You should also bring clamps, emergency road lights or cones and chains or ropes for any emergency situation. Of course, before you go out on your trip, you should bring your vehicle to a Sprinter maintenance center in Utah first.


You should stock up on more than just gas for your vehicle. When out on a long journey such as a camping trip, other types of fuel like coal, oil, and electronic chargers should be at the top of your survival list as well. Purchase the most affordable fuel and power options for your team before the journey, so you don’t have to go through a panic attack when you find that you can’t charge your phone or start a good fire. You should also bring alternative materials that you can use for particular tasks, such as emergency flint and tinder kits for your fires and various candles for those long, starry nights.

This might seem like a lot of things to bring, but it’s much better than being unprepared. Create a checklist a week or so before you leave your home so you don’t lose track of what you should bring. Good luck, stay safe and have an awesome time on the road.

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