How to Protect These Valuable Items for Moving Day

Moving day is a stressful event based on the number of household items you have to pack alone. The process will take weeks before completion, especially if you have to perform everything by yourself. Your work and daily routine will suffer, but all will be worth it when you move into your new home. However, you need to avoid rushing through the packing process, especially if you have a lot of fragile and valuable items in your household. Here are a few precious belongings you need to pack safely.


Jewelry is valuable to a lot of homeowners. Whether they are clothing accessories or gifts from friends, people want to make sure that their luxury items arrive safely in their new home. Tangled necklaces, scratched watches, banged-up bracelets, and broken rings are an eyesore and a waste. Fortunately, most luxury accessories come in boxes. You can also use medicine cases and cardboard rolls to keep jewelry intact. You can perform DIY projects to keep your valuables safe. Keeping your jewelry in your vehicle or bag will also guarantee its safety.

Pottery and Silverware

Moving day has its horror stories. Misplaced boxes and delayed transports cause a lot of stress and anxieties for the homeowner. However, nothing is more tragic than opening a box full of broken plates. The scenario is the worst thing that could happen to people moving to new houses, which is why you need to store fragile items carefully. Potteries, vases, and glasses require special treatment. Putting them in boxes will not be enough. Soft non-abrasive padding will help the fragile items stay in position during the transport. Make sure that there is no wiggle room inside the container. Avoid packing the plates together. You can put them in one box, but make sure that you coat them with bubble wrap individually.

Art and Woodcrafts

Homeowners have a lot of decorations inside their homes. People take their artworks and wood-crafted items when they move to a new property. However, transport causes a lot of damage to improperly-packed pieces. Wrapping the artworks in bubble wrap can keep the shape and condition of the art in good condition. Woodwork requires more attention because of its irregular shape. Fill a container with packing peanuts before you put in a wooden item. The method helps absorb the impact from the moving truck’s motion, keeping the objects inside safe.

Luxury Cars

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Cars are modes of transportation you can use to lessen costs on moving trucks. However, the distance between your old home and new property can wear down the automobile. If you own a luxury car, you will not be risking during the long drive. Like most of your household items, you will need to transport your valuable vehicle using professional movers. Hire a company that provides enclosed exotic car transport. The luxury item will arrive at your new home without a scratch. You need to take into account how much the service will cost, especially if you are on a budget.

To lessen your responsibilities during moving day, you can find a few items you can throw or leave in your old home. Also, your tasks will become easier if you know how to handle the fragile items mentioned above.

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