How to Avoid Commercial Garage Door Repair Scams

In the revealing YouTube video, “Commercial Garage Doors Installed the Right Way Don’t Get Scammed” by Affordable Door and Gate, the installer provides a thorough evaluation of a recently completed project, shedding light on potential pitfalls in the installation process and the commercial garage door repair process. Expressing concern over cost-cutting measures, he scrutinizes the use of ordinary remotes for commercial doors instead of standard ones. The installer keenly points out issues like improper photo eye mounting, the absence of side lock bolts, and unlabeled wires.

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While acknowledging the commendable quality of the operator bracket and wire connectors, the installer highlights the oversight of missing split collars on the center coupler. Offering constructive suggestions, he recommends improving accessibility to radio controls on the remote and underscores the importance of proper tensioning of wires. To maintain a polished and professional appearance, the installer emphasizes the need for post-installation cleaning of the doors.

This insightful video not only exposes potential pitfalls in commercial garage door installations but also serves as a valuable guide for viewers to be vigilant and discerning when evaluating such projects. Affordable Door and Gate’s commitment to transparency and quality shines through as they navigate through the nuances of ensuring a reliable and professional installation process.


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