How Local Tile Contractors Can Help You With a Flooring Installation

Replacing the home’s flooring insulation can reduce the owner’s energy bill each month. The above video by a tile contractor shows proper techniques that will be beneficial for all homeowners. Here are a few installation tips to make the process move more smoothly.

1) Insulating a Concrete Floor

When renovating concrete floors, owners should install insulation to reduce the home’s dampness and heat loss. There are several approaches to complete the project, but the most popular is using Polyisocyanurate (PIR) boards.

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It is a foam-type material that bonds to the plywood covering. PIR boards are easy to install, as they can be cut into any shape.

2) Insulating Solid Wood Flooring

The consensus among local tile contractors is solid wood flooring does not need as much insulation as other floor materials. It is because of the flooring thickness, which makes it difficult for heat or cool air to escape. Still, installing a damp-proof membrane under the flooring will prevent the wood from becoming moist after a major rainstorm. You want the installation to be held in place and not compressed. If not, it reduces the insulation’s effectiveness.

3) How to Hold the Flooring Insulation in Place

Inserting floor joists is the most common way to keep flooring insulation in place. Often, they’re inserted throughout the insulation, so the joists can bend around the surface edges. Cut the insulation to size, as it needs to adhere perfectly to the floor.


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