Home Maintenance: What You Must Not Neglect as a Homeowner

Home maintenance is paramount in protecting a family’s primary asset. Maintaining the house doesn’t only ensure its cleanliness, but it also helps promote the health and safety of the whole household. Plus, doing so protects the property itself and maintains its structural integrity. But as a homeowner, you realize that home maintenance never ends.

Keep in mind that there are routine steps you must constantly take to maintain your house. On the other side of the spectrum, there are some steps you tend to forget. You’ll only start handling the matter if you start witnessing the severity of the house damage and its impact on the whole household.

That said, here are some home maintenance steps you must not neglect:

1. Door and window caulking

To make your house cozy and your family comfortable, you must ensure your home’s temperature control. Be sure to regulate the heat from penetrating your house during summer and prevent the draft from entering during the cold months.

When it comes to this, weatherstripping is the key. Start by caulking any crack, gap, or opening around your doors and windows. By doing so, you’ll increase your home energy’s efficiency and save up on your monthly utility bills.

2. Roof and gutter cleaning

The roofing and gutter systems play a crucial role in maintaining your property’s structural integrity. While the roof protects the whole household, the gutter prevents house damages by directing rainwater into proper drainage.

Unfortunately, some homeowners forget to clean their roofs and gutters. These house parts can accumulate leaves, twigs, nests, pests, and other debris, thus leading to clogs and wreckage over time. Hence, take time to clean both systems. Once done, consider installing a leaf gutter protection system.

3. Pressure washing siding

The exterior walls called sidings exist for two reasons: aesthetics and functionality. While they serve to protect your house, they can also boost your property’s curb appeal. However, your sidings can get tainted with specks of dirt, dust, stains, grime, and other debris.

When confronted with this problem, most homeowners immediately think of house exterior repainting. But before doing so, pressure washing can be your best course of action. If you have a pressure washer, consider thoroughly cleaning your house exteriors once in a while. If not, consider hiring an expert.

4. Fixing water leaks

Did you know that about 10,000 gallons of water get wasted every year? The US Environmental Protection (EPA) reported this, claiming that about ten percent of homes are affected by water leaks.

As a homeowner, do not take these for granted. Be wary of leaky faucets, damaged toilet flappers, and other leaking valves. Be sure to inspect your plumbing system or hire an expert plumber to address any leak. Ultimately, doing so will help you save up on your monthly water bills and prevent property damages.

5. Addressing clogged drains

It’s easy for some homeowners to ignore their clogged drains because they are always busy and preoccupied. Their shower drains often get flooded with water. Also, the water in their kitchen sinks is backing up. The same is true for toilets that do not easily and quickly flush wastes down the drain.

It’s vital not to neglect clogged drains in your residential property. If left unattended, they can escalate into extensive plumbing issues. In the end, you don’t want to spend on costly plumbing repairs or replacements. Hence, consider some do-it-yourself (DIY) plumbing tasks as part of your home maintenance.

6. Air filter, duct, and vent cleaning

man opening air compressor

Ensuring quality air circulation at home is essential. It is crucial in fostering the health and wellness of the whole household. Know that poor air quality indoors can lead to some health issues. You don’t want your family members to have skin allergies and some respiratory problems.

That said, be sure to have regular cleaning of your air filter, ducts, and vents. First, make sure to regularly replace the air filters of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. While at it, check all ducts and vents and always keep them clean. If it helps, consider hiring a professional HVAC specialist as part of your home maintenance checklist.

At this point, you now know what home maintenance steps you must not neglect. Consider those tips recommended above, from door and window caulking to fixing water leaks and clogged drains down to air filter, duct, and vent cleaning.

When it comes to home maintenance, you can either do it yourself (DIY) or work with professionals to maintain your home. Ultimately, doing so will keep your house in top shape and condition while protecting you and your family.

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