Here Comes the Baby! Simple Ways to Convert a Room into a Nursery

Welcoming your little one requires tons of preparation. You won’t only need to buy baby essentials. There are also many things you will need to prepare around the house, including the nursery. But how can you transform an ordinary room into your baby’s nursery?

With a few materials and the basic furniture for a nursery, you can transform any room into a gorgeous space perfect for your baby. Here are a few tips to help you get started with your nursery transformation project:

Start with a clean canvas

The best way to start the transformation is to get rid of everything inside the room and start cleaning. Once you have a blank canvas, consider the lighting, floors, and walls first. For your lighting, choose soft-white light bulbs to prevent over-stimulation. For the walls, you can choose to paint it with a vibrant color or use cute animal design wallpaper. As for the flooring, you can select between carpets, cork, bamboo, or wood flooring.

Invest in the right furniture

Every nursery needs a crib, a changing table, a nursery chair, and storage. You will be surprised by how much storage space you’ll need for your little one. Invest in quality furniture to ensure your baby’s safety and comfort. You may be torn between using a crib or a bassinet. But if you are after longevity and you have enough space for it, choose the crib.

Keep the room well-ventilated

air conditioner

One good way to baby-proof your home is by making sure the nursery is well-ventilated. Before your newborn arrives, make sure you already had your HVAC cleaned and maintained by a licensed technician. It is advisable that you invest in HEPA filters for your HVAC system as these can help reduce allergens in the nursery.

Add soft furnishings

Cushions, curtains, beddings, and carpets add extra comfort in a nursery. When choosing your materials, invest in dust-mite proof covers. Choose a soft mattress cover that is waterproof and organic. Avoid putting too many pillows or blankets in your baby’s crib as these can put your baby at risk for strangling or suffocation. Also, to help your baby nap longer, you can install heavy blinds or blackout curtains.

Have a sanitation plan

The nursery should always be kept clean and organized. Apart from removing any safety hazard away from your baby’s reach, it is also a must that you keep the room germ-free. Have all sanitation supplies, such as paper towels, wet wipes, alcohol, or antibacterial gel within your reach. Put your baby’s clothes in a separate hamper and wash them separately. Dispose of dirty diapers, tissues, and wipes ASAP and invest in baby-friendly cleaning solutions for the nursery.

The nursery is not only a baby’s bedroom but also a place where you will spend precious moments with your little one. This is where you will change their diapers, where they will nap, and where you will nurse them. It is a must to keep it clean, organized, comfortable, and safe at all times. Once the nursery is all set, you can have that peace of mind knowing your new bundle of joy will have a safe and comfortable space in your home.

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