Game-Changing Automotive Trends

The automotive industry has been evolving in the past years. New technologies and advancements are announced almost every year. These made way for the changes in consumer behavior and the way manufacturers design and produce their vehicles.

Trends play a big role in our lives, as they shape the future of the products we are going to use. In the automotive industry, some advancements are made based on research about consumer needs and behavior. That said, here are the trends that could change the game for vehicle manufacturers and owners.

3D-Printed Components

3D printing technology is not new, but its use was limited to ‘printing’ or producing small objects a few years ago. Advanced research and continuous testing have made 3D printing a variety of products, including dental appliances, prosthetic legs and arms, and vehicle components possible.

According to experts, 3D printing is more accurate when it comes to producing components for car manufacturing. This could be because the process is being controlled by a machine, which works based on accurate dimensions of the item that needs to be produced.

Subscription-Based Car Ownership

Many people are now enjoying the benefits of subscription-based products and services. Some of the most popular ones include Netflix, cable network services, on-demand TV programs, and phone services. These have made it easier for consumers to get what they want and choose only the services they really need. This technology could also be applied to vehicle ownership.

Subscription-based car ownership could have the biggest impact on the automotive retail industry. Imagine not having to buy a car upfront and just pay whenever you use it. It could also mean you can use your chosen vehicle based on the number of months or years indicated in your subscription contract.

Lightweight Materials for Manufacturing

Operational needs, safety requirements, and environmentally friendly initiatives made car manufacturers think of ways to improve vehicle performance, comfort, and handling. These include the use of lightweight materials when manufacturing newer car models. This allowed automakers to produce vehicles that are lighter and with the same or better performance than their predecessors.

The only challenge for buyers is that some lightweight materials are more prone to damage. Hail, for example, can cause dents on the car exterior. Good thing, these materials are also easy to fix or replace. Just visit a hail dent repair shop, and the technicians will recommend what’s best for your ride.

Self-Driving Technology

empty cockpit of vehicle

We have seen the concept of self-driving vehicles in different sci-fi movies. Once just a dream, this technology has been adopted and used by automakers, including Volvo. The companies believe that this innovation can improve people’s lives. A variety of autonomous vehicles are being tested to make sure they are safe and ready for the demand. The only question is how many people will entrust their lives to a self-driving machine.

Some trends come and go, while others stay for longer until they become the norm. Among these trends, which will make the biggest impact on your life? That depends on your unique needs.

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