Basic Road Safety Tips to Teach Your Teen

Looking at the shocking statistics of the car crashes caused by teen drivers, it is more than a necessity to teach them road safety. If you are a parent, your teens will most likely take after you when it comes to driving habits, so start with practising road safety for them to learn from you. It’s best to lead by example.

Teach them about road safety as well as road work signs in Australia that they should learn what they mean and to follow them strictly. If you are wondering where to start, check out these basic tips:

1. Don’t drink and drive

This might seem very practical for non-drinkers, but it is shocking that extremely few people actually follow this advice. Do not drink while driving, especially if in the company of your teens. Instead, take a cab home or delegate a sober person to drive you home.

2. Always belt up when driving

There is a reason seat belts were introduced — to reduce the impact of accidents in case they happen. Insist that your teens wear seat belts even if going on short trips. It could save their lives and those of their passengers.

Research conducted by the Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety in Queensland reported that not wearing a seatbelt is ten times more likely to lead to death during a car crash as opposed to wearing one.

3. Put your phone away when driving

Driving requires you to be alert, and a small distraction can be fatal. If you really have to pick up a call, pull over to the side and receive it or have a hands-free headset you can use in your car. However, it is advisable that you put your phone on silent mode or turn it off to avoid any distractions at all.

4. Keep to the speed limit at all times

Driving car on empty road

No matter how late you are to where you are going, it is never that urgent such that you have to drive beyond the speed limit. Always remember that speeding kills! And what’s worse is that you put other drivers and pedestrians at risk as well.

5. Know and follow street signs

Traffic lights and street signs exist for a reason, the same way that road rules and regulations do as well. It is unfortunate how many drivers ignore these traffic signs and break the rules.

No matter how much they want to get to where they need to go to in the shortest time possible, it is not worth the danger they pose to themselves and others. You should follow traffic regulations not just because it is the law but also because it is most obviously the right thing to do — for both you and your teen.

Talking to your teen might not be the most effective way to teach them about road safety. Instead, show them practically how these tips are important. And the best practical way is for them to see you practise these tips every day.

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