Are Car Clubs Worth Your Time?

Everyone wants to be a part of a community. That’s probably why we spend so many hours on Facebook, conversing with people we rarely talk to in real life and commenting on posts, photos, and videos of total strangers. An auto club gathers people who share the same interest. These clubs were especially popular back in the 1960s when they were organized by car dealerships themselves. Today, most auto clubs are formed online to exchange information about a variety of topics.

A car club is a great platform where people talk about their cars or which auto detailing companies in Salt Lake City or other cities are worth their price. Most people go beyond simply exchanging information. They meet each other and develop lifelong friendships. Buying a car doesn’t mean that you have to join the car club associated with the brand, although it helps to be active in these communities so that you have people to turn to in case you have questions about your car.

Free Motoring Advice

A car club can be specifically beneficial for people with no knowledge of what to look for before purchasing a car. You can turn to auto clubs for free advice on which car is perfect for your needs, as well as its price, features, and maintenance cost. Most online community groups will even give you advice on which dealerships give the best deals and how to avoid being ripped off by car sales agents.

Cheaper Accessories and Repair Parts

car equipment

Bringing your cars to authorized repair companies can be expensive, but car clubs can give you great advice on where to go for minor or even major repair needs. The members can even point you to places that sell affordable car accessories and repair parts. Although some car clubs require a small amount of membership fee (some one-time and others annually), it’s a minor investment to make if you consider the kind of advice you get from the club members.

Open Marketplace

Auto clubs are also open marketplaces. This means that you can sell or purchase unwanted car parts. Don’t know what to do with an old car that’s been sitting in your garage? Some car club members may be looking for something “vintage,” so you can simply post an ad and transact via the club’s forums and within its regulations.

Affordable Insurance Policies

A car club is also a great place where to find affordable auto insurance policies. If you’ve ever attended a car club event before, then you know that insurance companies attend these gatherings to tap this market. You can ask for quotations as a group and receive bigger discounts from insurance agents. Buying insurance policies as a group is typically cheaper than buying as a singular client.

You don’t even have to be a car owner to join an auto club. As long as you’re interested in automobiles, you are going to be welcomed by the club members. You will learn a lot about the different kinds of cars on the market. In the event that you decide to purchase your first or next car, you will be better equipped with the information you need to make the right decision.

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