5 Possible Reasons Your Car Breaks Down

Your car is a highly complicated device that combines very sophisticated electronic and mechanical components. For this reason, there’s a lot that could go wrong from time to time. Once you suspect that your car has a problem, it’s best to visit a Honda repair mechanic in Salt Lake City to get the problem addressed. But, what are the top reasons your car breaks down? Here are five of them.

The battery is dead or faulty

If your car isn’t starting, then the likeliest culprit is a dead battery. If you’ve never experienced this before, you may be really shocked when it does happen. You need not worry too much though, as the problem is fairly easy and inexpensive to fix. If you choose to replace the battery, be sure to remove the negative terminal wire first to avoid getting electrocuted. One of the surest indications that your battery has a problem is a red battery light on the display.

The starter motors are worn out

Your car’s starter motors are designed to provide the shove your engine needs to spin. With time, these motors wear out and can no longer perform their function well. If your car’s starter motors are defective, the best solution is to replace them with new ones. They usually cost a hundred dollars, and your car’s engine gets back to functioning properly.

There’s a problem with the tyres

fixing car tires

Your car’s tyres play a vital role in the drivability and safety of your car. Once they have a problem, driving your car becomes a near impossible affair. Problems with your vehicle’s tyres are usually caused by under-inflation and debris on the road.

Under-inflation usually causes overheating of your tyres, while debris can lead to a puncture. Always check your car’s pressure, and bring a puncture repair kit and spare wheel when you hit the road.

You leave your car out in the cold

The amount of technology that goes into today’s cars is remarkable. However, this technology is yet come up with a way to make your car’s engine run in the chilly weather. If you live in parts of the country that get extremely cold, then it’s advisable to park your car indoors during the night. If you don’t, then you’ll have problems getting the engine running in the morning when you need to use the vehicle.

The sensor is damaged

Your car has lots of different things that need to be monitored and regulated. These include exhaust gas temperature, mass airflow, oxygen, and so on. Sensors help with this regulation and monitoring and relay essential information regarding what’s going on under the hood on your car’s dashboard.

Unfortunately, your car’s sensors can get faulty and even die. When they do, it becomes hard to tell when something is wrong with your car, which leads to costly damage.

Every car becomes defective from time to time. By pinpointing the exact cause of the problem, it becomes easier to tackle it and restore your car to perfect working order quickly.

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